Birthday Ideas for 9 year olds

With 13 nieces and nephews plus my own 3 you would think I was a dab hand at buying gifts. I’m not! even I struggle to come up with something that they would love! I hope this guide shows some new birthday gift ideas, suitable for both boys and girls.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 9 year olds

Project MC2 Slumber Party Science Kit – £29.99 – Use science to create the ultimate slumber party for you and your besties! This awesome slumber party science kit contains six amazing skin care experiments that will help you totally chill out. Make your own glitter body gel, sugar scrub, rainbow facemasks, and more. Experiment again and again with all the spa experiments in the Slumber Party Science Kit and check out the new, scientifically-improved you!

Project MC2 Ultimate Makeover Bag- £59.99

Create your own makeup with these awesome cosmetic experiments. The Ultimate Makeover Bag helps a secret agent experiment and look amazing with these makeup experiments disguised as art supplies. Create your own custom nail polish, lip gloss, hair mascara and crayon makeup. Store all your secrets in the super chic lab station disguised as a fashion backpack. Experiment again and again and take your cosmetic chemistry wherever you go.

Customize your Project Mc2 Ultimate Makeover Bag that opens to reveal an awesome makeup mixing and storage station. Create your own custom nail polish, lip gloss, hair mascara and crayon makeup.

Take the whole bag with you wherever you go or snap off the removable palettes filled with your homemade makeup to make touch-ups on the-go even easier. Includes backpack with storage, lip gloss pen, nail polish pen, hair mascara tube, cosmetic jar, 2 pipettes, experiment booklet and makeup ingredients: crayon wheel with 6 colours, shimmer nail polish base, nail polish colourant and scented glitter lip gloss. Additional household ingredients not included.

Make-up and Perfume

Project MC2 Ultimate Spy Bag – £39.99 – Alert! NOV8 is issuing the best of their top secret spy gadgets to new recruits. Prove that you have what it takes to become one of their top operatives! the ultimate spy bag contains everything a super chic sleuth needs to go on NOV8 missions! it’s patterned after the same bag worn by Adrienne in the TV series.

• Unlock the chic Ultimate Spy Bag — just like the one worn by Adrienne Attoms — to reveal 20+ secret agent pieces.

• Fingerprinting kit — includes dusting powder that can also be used as shimmer makeup powder

Project MC2 Perfume Maker – £29.99 –  Project Mc2 is a team of smart and seriously cool girls who use their love of science and their spy skills as they go on missions for secret organization, NOV8. They are real girls with real skills ready to take on anything. Watch new episodes of the project Mc2 original series, only on Netflix. Adrienne Atoms next mission is to use her cosmetic chemistry skills to formulate the ideal look for saving the world. Formulate your own perfumes with project Mc2 perfume maker. You can perform this same cool steam. Experiment at home using just household items again and again.


Glam Goo Deluxe Pack – £29.99 – The glam goo Deluxe pack has everything you need to make cool slime fashion for your own unique style! fill the compartments of your cute slime purse with your sparkly creations to show them off. Add scents and colour to get really creative. Then add slime to the wearable ring. Accessories include 3 tubes of confetti, 2 colour pots, 1 scent, and mixing spoon.

For the nails

Gel-A-Peel Fuzzy Kit – £14.99 – Gel-A-Peel allows you to express yourself through your own designer creations! create fashionable fuzzy jewellery and lifestyle accessories! it’s so easy and fun! use the gel colour tube to trace the templates, peel the gel design, and your creations are ready to wear! use the gel tray and squeegee tool to make charms and jewels! make over 60 accessories to wear or share with your friends! this Gel-A-Peel fuzzy accessory kit has everything you need to design and create your own bracelets, earrings and accessories.

Accessory kit includes; 3 Gel-A-Peel fuzzy colour tubes, 16 design templates, 5 designer tips, and a gel tray. Design. Peel. Wear & share! additional colours available in other Gel-A-Peel kits. Ages: 8+ years

Nail-A-Peel Sugar Rush Kit – £19.99 – Give yourself a 3D manicure! Using new 3D nail technology, you can polish your nails in your choice of fun, pastel colours and then add 3D designs. Finish off the look with some nail décor! A completely new, creative way to do your nails! The Sugar Rush Theme Nail Kits provide a unique set of polishes and nail décor for you to take your 3D nail design to the next level. Make 50+ nail designs! Nail-a-Peel offers a completely new, creative way to do your nails! Use the gel to polish your nails and then decorate in 3D! Finish the look with some nail décor! Polish your nails in your choice of fun colours and then add 3D designs Make 50+ nail designs!

Contents: 3 x gel polish tubes, 3 x nail décor tubes, 16 x design templates, Nail stencils, Nail tray, 5 x designer tips, 3 x nail wheels, Manicure and design tools Batteries Not Required


Slimy Elasti Plasti £12.99 – Elasti Plasti is the brand new super soft plastic that expands, stretches, bubbles and much more.  Grab some friends and create a giant, thin plastic parachute. Elasti Plast super stretches further than anything ever created and lets you blow giant bubbles 20x its size with a regular straw.

Electric Plane Launcher £18.99 – Assemble a twin-motor electric launcher to send planes skyward at amazing speeds. Experiment with your own paper airplane designs for maximum flight distance and speed.

Let’s go Retro!

Retro TV Games – £11.99 – If the 9 year old is a fan of gaming then this Retro TV Game is a lovely introduction to the world of retro games! With a library of over 200 retro games to play they will be spoilt for choice. All you have to do is plug in and play… it really is that simple. The controller is really fab too, it has a working mini joystick and A, B buttons. There is a game for everybody!

Crunchy Munchy 7 inch Chocolate Pizza – £11.99 – The 7″ Crunchy Munchy is ideal for those who have a choccy tooth! Superb for smaller budgets and appetites, this yummy treat is made from the finest Belgian chocolate, fudge, brownie pieces and white chocolate shavings. The Pizza is pre-cut into 8 slices and comes ready to serve in a pizza box too! It tastes great, looks great and any 9 year old would love this!



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