Gift Guide – Want some ideas on what to buy for 6 year old boys? Check out the guide!

Buying presents should be a piece of cake right? Not if you are my children or have children that when asked what they want, reply with “anything”. My boys have a lot of toys already and living in a small house storage is a premium. Thinking of what to buy can be a little stressful so here is my gift guide for 6-year-old boys.

Gift Guide


BoxHead Craft Box – If you have a little dude who loves Minecraft, then I think these would be great. The boxes when built fit over the head and sits on the shoulders. The square guide helps to colour it all in nicely and there is also a handy sheet so you can design it before colouring the box. Handy when you want to know what it is going to look like.

Oliver loved the boxhead and wanted to colour in a creeper head. He only wanted to colour one side of the box and his aim is to colour in different animals on the other 3 sides.

ChoconChoc Melt & Make House- What2Buy4Kids have you covered with this great chocolate gift set I think any boy would love. Simply melt the chocolate and pour into the moulds to then construct your house. What’s more is once it is made everyone will have fun eating it. Oliver loved helping me melt the chocolate and pour it into the moulds. The build was really simple too! The instructions were really clear and easy to understand, It didn’t take a long to make either, so perfect for a rainy afternoon.

gift guide

Chatback Chimp from Wicked Uncle – I think Chatback chimp would be a winner with Oliver and any other soon to be 6 year olds. The Chimp can speak any languages and repeats whatever they say in a high pitch voice. When it turns on it says “Hello” and is activated by a light.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch-n-Shout Leo– okay so you can’t pull Leonardo’s legs but if you have a ninja turtle obsessed soon to be 6 year old they will love him! Leonardo says 11 phrases and the harder you pull his arms the higher he screams!


Insect Lore Butterfly Garden – Oliver has loved watching his caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. The whole process takes a couple of weeks and they learn so much! Oliver had already done this at school so knew what to expect. He still loved telling us, and his brothers what was happening and what was going to happen!


*We received a couple of these products in return to being featured in our gift guide! All loved and played with by my resident 6-year-old*

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