Transition Week 2017

You know it is getting to the end of the year when the school have their transition week. The children in our school have a few days to adjust to their new classes and teachers before the new term. Which for some children is great as it helps ease any anxieties they may have. Last year I wrote how Oliver was having his visits to “Big School” and now this year he visits year 1. Jack is used to these visits and knows the routine well. The school changes the classes each year to mix up the children and so far we have had no problems.

Transition week starts today!

Today both Jack and Oliver walked into their old classrooms not really knowing what to expect. Both took it in their stride and both excited! Oliver doesn’t really know what is happening, I mean he knows that he goes to his new classroom but that’s about it. Jack however has become accustomed to this yearly event at school. He has already told me which teacher he hopes to have and he seems to be looking forward to the change.

Transition Week

A few years back when Jack had just turned 5 it was a different story. He spent the entire weekend before transition week in tears. He was so anxious and had no idea what to expect but the thing was neither did I. Transition week was new to both of us and although I wanted to reassure him I couldn’t properly. I wanted to help him but at the same time the thing he was anxious about I didn’t know. He was worried about who is teacher was going to be and who was going to be in his class.

Different this morning though! I can not wait to pick them up and hear all about their day!!


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