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Thank you to Sophie from Life As Mrs D for tagging me! I recently shared my New Year Goals and my 2018 lookback already. However I loved the idea of taking part in The Top 7 tag and thought you might enjoy the read too!

This is what The Top 7 covers –


Your Favourite 7 Posts from 2018. They can be any posts at all that you are proud of.
7 Things You Loved The Most About 2018 Whether you visited somewhere, or just had one of those moments you will never forget, if you loved it, list it!
7 Things You Are Looking Forward to in 2019.
Whether those plans are set in stone or you something you would like to do this year, share with us.
Tag 7 Bloggers to Take Part.
Share the love and tag 7 others who would like to take part.
Say Thanks.
Link back to the person who tagged you and/or myself so people know where to find the tag to join in too.

7 Favourite blog posts from 2018

This is tricky because I have loved all the blog posts that I have written, if I didn’t I wouldn’t post them. Here are 7 of my posts that I suppose would be higher up in my favourites.

50 ways to become Zero Waste – I have always tried being more conscious of the waste my family and I produce. There are so many simple changes that as a family we could do. Those little changes soon add up and become quite significant. To think if we all made one small change how much better that would be.

52 Things to do at the weekend – Peterborough – I love living in Peterborough and I am so proud of our city. A few of my most popular blog posts are all local ones. However out of all the local posts that I write and share this one is the one I love most. It shares some of my favourite places to visit as well as some ideas on entertaining young ones.

Paradise Wildlife Park – We love exploring new places and sharing what we got up too. During one of our many camping trips we decided to explore Paradise Wildlife Park as a review trip. It was Jack’s birthday and looking back it was such a lovely way to spend it. We saw so many great animals and the Dinosaur park was A-maz-ing!

Google Home – Out of all things we have received as reviews Google Home has been are most used! It is used every single day. I am even using it right now to listen to music. I wrote this back in March and to be honest I could do with updating it.

Surviving Snowmageddon – Who could have lived through 2018 and not mention the snow! I took so many photos that I chose to put them in a blog post. Some of my all time favourite photos are in this post.

Oliver receiving his Honours Award – This has to be one of my favourite posts as it was such a surprise!

Jack getting his Honours Award – Jack receiving his Honours Award is worth a mention too! These are not just given out for the sake of it, some children go though school without getting one!


7 Things I loved most about 2018

  1. It has to be right at the top because family means the world to me! 2018 was the year we met Violet, our newest niece and the boys newest cousin. She is so beautiful and we love spending time with her. The boys absolutely idolise her too!! 
  2. Another major event in our family was Arthur starting school! He was so excited to start and despite a great settling in week when it came to starting he really struggled. After a couple of weeks he happy again and hasn’t stopped talking about school since.
  3. We had a year of adventures and one of the highlights of our year was Glamping! We stayed on a brand new site which are also eco conscious. They have compostable toilets, recycling points and recycled toilet paper! BumbleBarn Bell Tents
  4. We also went camping in the New Forest. It was the furthest we had taken our tent and went during May half term. I was so worried of the rain and it had been pouring the week before we were due to camp! When we arrived the site was surrounded by wild ponies. Every evening we would take a stroll around the outside of camp and just watch them graze and gallop across the fields, it really was wonderful! Horses in the New Forest
  5. In February we went to Whipsnade Zoo. It was the first time I had seen Giraffes (that I could remember). I hate the idea of animals being in captivity, however zoos like Whipsnade have such big enclosures that it was lovely to see them free to roam.  The boys and I also saw white Rhinos too! Whipsnade Zoo
  6. Earlier in December the boys were invited to review the firefly cars for YoungDriver. The cars are specifically built for younger kids to allow them to learn to drive. There is a pedal for them to get used to as well as indicators too! The boys loved it. Next year Jack turns 10 and they can then learn in a Vauxhall Corsa. Older boy child driving in a white firefly car. Which is a purpose built car to teach them how to drive.
  7. Another highlight for me was being able to take Jack to London. We went twice during 2018 and we loved it. The first time was a rather rushed affair where as the second time we went we were able to do the tourist thing and visit Buckingham Palace, etc 

7 Things I am looking forward to in 2019

  1. I have recently been looking into small staycations for us! So I am looking forward to taking the boys to Scotland for the first time. There are so many places I would love to visit but would really want to travel to Edinburgh. The boys would love to go to Edinburgh Zoo too!
  2. I am also looking forward to seeing where my blog takes me. 2018 was such a great year for me and hopefully 2019 will be the same.
  3. Family is such an important part of my life, so in 2019 I am looking forward to spending as much time with them as I can.
  4. Mark and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in May. Without coming across as to soppy, I am incredibly lucky to have him in my life!
  5. Saving Money – Is that something I can be excited for? I have always been terrible with money however Mark and I want to eventually buy a house. So I need to get in control of my finances and start putting money aside!
  6. Jack turning 10! To think I will have a child in double figures is pretty awesome! 2019 is also the year I apply for his secondary school place and that isn’t something I am looking forward too!
  7. Last but not least I am looking forward to seeing what the year will bring!

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