The week before Christmas – Trying to get prepared!

The Week before Christmas

  • Christmas Gifts bought
  • Food for Christmas Day
  • Drinks
  • Food for the rest of the week
  • Gifts wrapped
  • Family/friends gifts delivered
  • Kitchen table cleared
  • Living room/Kitchen tidied
  • Stockings hung, ready to take to bed

There is literally so much to do that it is a wander I remember to do it all. Mark is fantastic at helping and usually he is the one giving the suggestions on what we could do different to make Christmas better. However up until this year everything was left to the very last minute! We both became really stressed come Christmas Eve and wrapping the gifts/stocking fillers that we decided not again. It was a lovely tradition we had but the stress, backache and late night just wasn’t needed. This year I wrapped the gifts and they have been under the tree, just leaving the stocking fillers and Santa’s gift to wrap Christmas Eve.

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow!

Wrapped christmas presents and soft cuddly toys underneath a christmas tree

Oliver came down stairs this morning shouting “It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow” and was so excited! It was lovely to see him become excited over something that wasn’t needing electric. Last night the boys and I went over to my sister’s for her birthday. Mark’s dad was down from Northumberland visiting and they were going out for some drinks. As my sister’s birthday is so close to Christmas (22nd) we all tend to use it as an opportunity to swap Christmas gifts. The boys love it and it really helps to get them all excited too. They sat with a few of their cousins and watched The Christmas Chronicles which has very quickly become Arthur’s favourite Christmas film.

Plans for tomorrow – Christmas Eve

I have so much planned to do tomorrow afternoon that I need to take the boys out of the house. So I have arranged to meet up with friends and take the boys to the local play park! It will give them the fresh air and the outdoor play they really need. When we get back I need to cook the turkey for our Christmas dinner! I have a slight feeling it won’t fit in the oven with everything else that needs cooking and to be honest I don’t need the stress of cooking it on Christmas day. I also need to prepare the roast potatoes and some of the veg too!

a plate full of freshly baked gingerbread men and biscuits.

Last week the boys and I baked some gingerbread and biscuits. The boys enjoyed it so much that they want to do it again! So the plan is to make and bake these before I do the Turkey. Then whilst that is cooking we can then decorate these ready to eat whilst watching a movie. But before the movie, I need to pretty much clear my work desk (the kitchen table) so we have somewhere to eat, otherwise we are back to eating off our laps in the lounge. Then of course when the boys are in bed, we need to wrap the few gifts we have left.

What are your plans?


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