Surviving the summer break

I have fond memories of my last day of school before the summer break. Every single one of them involved a day of zero learning and having lots of fun! As a parent it is an odd feeling. I have been looking forward so much to the holidays and having fun with them. Then the realisation suddenly hits that in surviving the summer holidays means it’s going to cost money. However I try and sugar coat it, it’s tough and takes a super controlled budget. Something I put my hands up and admit, I am rubbish at.

Most activities they involve a cost of some sort either in diesel, parking or admission. Then of course there is the food. I have them all for an extra meal every day, when you have 2 children who usually has hot dinners those costs amount. That’s an extra 10 meals week! It is usually around the summer holidays I start feeling a little depressed and think of going back to work, realistically though we couldn’t manage it. I then have to get my act together and come up with a mixture of activities that have as little spends as possible.

Surviving the summer break

The boys and I compiled their summer bucket list and some of the things they want to do made me wince a little. It is okay when you have 1 child, or even 2. 3 however and those little costs are not little anymore. Especially as most places family tickets are 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult 3 children meaning we don’t actually save any more money. Blogging for me has been my way of being able to survive the summer break and find fun activities. It had meant we have been able to go camping more and even been able to experience glamping.

Surviving the summer at Bumble Barn Bell Tents

Even so, we have to plan and prepare. The boys tend to have cold lunches or pasta when at home. Picnics have some days been a life changer and it has meant we have been able to walk to the local park and have a complete free day. Though those are rather rare for us, as the boys are always wanting something like an ice cream, slush puppy or sweets. I tend to do my shopping in the evenings too in the summer. Not only is it cooler, but I can go on my own and if I go late enough I can take advantage of the reduced items. The boys love it when I can find cakes, pancakes or muffins!

We also tend to invite friends round and we go to theirs. Taking it in turns to host lunch means we can spend longer together and the boys can all play together. The summer can be a long time without friends to see.

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