Starting a tradition!

When I was little I used to visit my nan and grandpop on Christmas Eve. We would go to Baytree Garden Centre to visit Santa, drive past the house with lights in Whittlesey and then go on to see them at their home in March. So many memories were made during those visits and the whole family would go. Over the years my aunt and uncle emigrated to Australia, and my nan passed away. My brothers and sisters still kept up with our Christmas traditions. We would still go to Baytree (although after a few years we stopped), we still drove past the house with lights in Whittlesey (but again they stopped and we found a new house in Turves) and we continues onto March to see Grandpop.

Starting a new tradition

It was walking around John Lewis in Queensgate Shopping Centre with the boys that I got thinking. The boys were looking at all the Christmas baubles and it was lovely to see the sparkles in their eyes. They loved looking at all the different ones. Our tree is usually covered with handmade decorations the boys have made over the years along with special baubles bought for them from family and friends. I love my tree, but I yearn for one that looks like it is from a magazine! you know the ones, wrapped in hundreds of lights with amazing matching baubles that just looks amazing! Starting a new tradition

Fast forward to last weekend. We needed to pop to Notcutts Garden Centre to look at house plants for a gift for Marks dad and step-mum. The boys were looking at all the baubles on display and the sparkle in their eyes came back! I couldn’t help myself and told the boys to all chose a bauble each. Something so simple but they loved it!

What the boys chose

I was somewhat surprised that the boys went for these. Neither Mark or myself restricted the boys on their choice and we didn’t give a price limit either. They literally had the choice of any bauble!

Starting a new tradition

Arthur chose a clear reindeer. It probably has more to do with the fact that Oliver chose similar, but he held onto this all the way home and loved hanging it on the tree.

Jack loves penguins so I wasn’t that surprised he went with a penguin bauble. However there was a choice of this one or another kind, which I thought would be his choice. However he is loving it!

Starting a new tradition

De Ja vu? Oliver Went with this one! and in all honesty I am not that surprised with his choice. The boy is obsessed with reindeers (he has a bed full of reindeer soft toys) and it is covered in glitter! yay!

and that was that! A new family tradition has started, each year the boys will chose their own baubles!



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