The Sibling Project – January 2017

One of the new projects I will be starting this year is the Sibling Project.

Siblings are so important! I thought I would start the project by sharing a picture of mine!
sibling project

my big brother Stephen, me, my brother in law, my big sister Tasha, My big sister Jo and my baby brother Andy.

Growing up in a big family definitely has it’s bonuses, there is always someone else to blame. There is also someone to talk too! although growing up with them I remember more arguments than I care to even think of! But I also remember the laughs!

Tasha using my Barbie to transform her into Tank Girl! At the time I hated her for it! she ruined one of my best Barbie’s but I must admit she did look good.

Stephen – We used to play this game called Ghost! basically it was tag. The person who is “it” played the ghost. The bathroom was homie! If you got caught you were the ghost! I must of been 6 when we played it, I remember running towards the bathroom I was ghost and Stephen slammed the door on my toe. It hurt!

I also remember Stephen used to be (and still very much is) a show off! I had my friend over for a sleep over and we were mucking around on the bottom bunk. My brother waltzes in climbs to the top bunk and spent ages winding us up! I must of been 6 or 7.  He dangled his hand down the side of the bunk beds and knocked my lamp off my shelf causing it to land on my knee. We didn’t have a light shade on that lamp! I remember running down stairs screaming to my dad! I was petrified of hospitals so my dad did what he did best and took care of it!

Joanne – Jo and I shared a room towards the later end of my childhood. We had not long moved back in with our dad and we had the biggest room of the house! We were both besotted by O-Town (The boy band) and used to sing along to their tapes (haha how old?!?). One of the other things we loved doing was recording our own radio station. We used to pretend to be radio DJ’s and we would play our favourite songs.

Andrew – Andy being the youngest is the baby of the family. He always had this cheeky look in his face and a really cute smile! He and Stephen were so close growing up. They shared a bedroom and used to play together all the time. One of their favourite games was wrestling! They use to wrestle for hours and then watch it on tv! I remember one year my dad paid for us all to watch WWE Royal Rumble on pay per view cable! Royal Rumble is where 30 wrestlers all go in the ring(They each enter at a specific time) and the winner is the last one standing.

Siblings now

Between the 5 of us we have 13 children whom love spending time together. Ranging in ages from 15 to 6 weeks old. I am thankful for my family, my siblings and my nieces and nephews!

Sibling Project

back row L-R
Stephen, Joanne and Natasha
Front row L-R
Me and Andrew

The Me and Mine Project

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