Real Nappy Week – Buying Pre-loved?

Cloth nappies does not need to be expensive! and there are many ways to build a stash for any type of budget! 

 Once you have visited the Nappy Libraries, you will have a good idea of which type of nappies you like and which type of nappies suit your child. You can then go on and start searching the retailers and pre-loved boards for bargains! Of course you do not have to visit a library, but I would recommend it to anyone who is new to cloth nappies. 

Buying Pre-loved

On Facebook alone there are literally hundreds of Facebook groups all created to be a place to buy, sell and swap nappies. By using words such as Pre-loved, Pre-loved, cloth, Reusable, Washable, Real, Nappies, Accessories, Wanted in the search function of Facebook the groups will appear. It is also worth putting in your location too for any local groups, it helps to save on postage and fees and you can meet others too! Freegle/ Freecycle is another place to look too. 

Buying Pre-loved

Make sure..

To pay via Paypal Goods and services. Like with other types of selling groups you have those wanting to make a quick buck and may not describe properly or worse try to scam you. Unless you pay via goods/services you are not protected! Bank transfer/Western Union can only offer so much! Most groups these days say to use paypal and paying by Friends/Family will not protect you. If you buy nappies and they don’t arrive or not as stated paypal will not refund you!! 

Also, always ask for photos, you want to see the back, inside and the elastics of the nappies. If the elastic is too loose it may not fit your child. If your child is older/bigger then loose elastics may not be an issue, but always check! 

The Pre-loved groups is a fabulous way to grab a bargain! but also be aware of a small few who try to sell their nappies for more than they are worth. Most group admins are great and no longer allow the sale of nappies for more than their RRP.

Reading this back, make is out to be really scary and difficult and may not be worth it? But once you get the hang of things you will be buying without a hitch! 

buying pre-loved

It’s all Gobbidygook!

Right, So now you are on the groups and you see a post like this;

7x BTP TB EF £5 all in each! 

and your thinking huh! Watcha? 

So here is a quick guide to the acronyms that you will most likely come across:

AIO – All in one   (close as you can get to a disposable) takes longer to dry.

SIO – Snap in one  (these have snap in inserts and boosters – sometimes colour coded for ease – you can reuse the out if you buy spare inserts)

Pocket – Nappy with waterproof outer and a pocket between that and the lining, pockets can be stuffed with anything absorbent, Microfibre or bamboo being the most popular

Insert – stuffing for pocket nappies

Boosters – can be used with pockets or fitteds to increase absorbency

Wraps – Waterproof  wraps

MF – Microfibre

WN – WeeNotions (brand –

SS – Side Snap (type of fastening)

OSFM – One Size Fits Most (both waist and rise are adjustable so the can be used for most babies)

LL– Little Lamb – (do great, cheap, Bamboo boosters)

BTP – Birth to Potty (same as OSFM)

BBOS – Blueberry Onesize (Brand)

BBSS – Blueberry side snap (brand)

BG – Bumgenius (brand)

OBV – Organic Bamboo Velour

EH – Ella’s House (brand)

EHBH – Ella’s House Bum Hugger (night nappy)

EUC – Excellent Used Condition – seen on pre-loved board

Aplix– type of fastening, basically Velcro but softer

Hook & Loop – type of fastening, basically Velcro but softer 

ISO – In search of

HL – Holdens Landing

NN – Night Nappy

OS – Onesize (same as BTP or OSFM)

OSFA – One Size Fits All

SR – Standard Rise

HR – High Rise

WAHM – Work at Home Mum  

Fleece Soakers – like a pair of shorts made of fleece worn over fitted nappies instead of a wrap.

Wool Soakers – as above but knitted from 100% wool, need lanolising after washing.

Flongies – a pair of long trousers made of fleece worn over fitted nappies instead of a wrap, also double as PJ’s.

Wool Longies – as above, knitted from 100% wool, need lanolising after washing.

I hope this has been helpful buying pre-loved is fine but just be wary. If something is too good to be true it probably is and ALWAYS pay goods/services.

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