Real Nappy Week – One World, One Change

Every year a week in April manufacturers, retailers and nappy libraries all join together with Go Real to promote cloth nappies. That week is known as Real Nappy Week. A week where those thinking of the switch can get some fab information and deals and those whom already use cloth nappies can take advantage of great deals. Think Boxing Day sale of the Cloth nappy world.

Real Nappy Week 2017

The theme of this year is “One World, One Change”

Go Real wants to empower us to change our habits! Too many of us have become used to a throwaway lifestyle. Which is not only costing us money but it also has a negative impact to our environment. According to Go Real Currently UK families throw away 355,000 tonnes of single use nappies to landfill every year! Which costs local authorities £32,000,000 (£32million).

This week I will be writing a series of posts to fall on each day of Real Nappy Week and covering a range of different topics. I hope by the end of the week you would be more informed in the choices you have available. Because we have the choice! Disposable nappies are not our only option! 




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