Real Nappy Week – What is the perfect amount needed?

Real Nappy Week seems to be going quick! This is the first year in a while I don’t have a child in nappies so it feels weird sitting on the side lines. Arthur absolutely loved his time in cloth nappies and he has fond memories of picking and wearing them. Its lovely to see how he interacts with his dolls and teddies and seeing him put on their nappies. Almost making me want another baby….almost!

When I was pregnant with Arthur I went a bit over the top and to be honest it wasn’t necessary. I always used the reason that I ran the nappy library to fund the nappies. I obviously needed to trial them before I could speak to other mums about them. But then they would ask me the question

“How many nappies do I need?”

I would be diplomatic in answer stating that it depends on a couple of things such as

  • Do you have a garden? Seems like a weird question to ask but for longevity you ideally want to be air drying the nappies and outside on the line is best. If you lived in a top floor flat for example you would have limited space. which leads to the next question
  • How would you dry them? Air drying is best and although not ideal some nappies are okay for the tumble dryer. If you were to use the tumble dryer you wouldn’t need as many nappies as they would be dry quicker. If you air dried then you would probably want something that would dry a little quicker.
  • How often do you want to wash? – Some families have extremely limited space so would wash every day (and if you tumbled) you wouldn’t need that many. If you wanted to wash every other day then you would need to account for the extra days.
  • Types of nappy – Some nappies need replacing at every nappy change and others only need the inserts changing. Some need preparing before use others you can choose to just put on and take off.
  • How old is baby? – This is an important one too. Babies need changing more often than toddlers. Some are changed anything up to 10x a day!

We would then together try and work out what amount would work for them. But then I am asked

“How many nappies do YOU have?”

Like I said before I went a little crazy with Arthur and had lots. and lots. and even more! I think at last count before toilet training it was around 130! Here is a snippet!

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