Answers to your questions – Real Nappy Week 2017

To end the week I have asked some fellow bloggers if they have any questions when it comes to cloth nappies. If you would like to have a read on my other posts you can do so here;

So without further ado here are the questions.

“How do you find time to clean them?”

Jessica from Beauties and the Bibs asked “How do you find time to clean them?” Depending on how many cloth nappies you have will depend on how often you wash. Newborns tend to go through the most changes (At up to around 10x a day) so washing would be frequent at every other day. Then as the child gets older you can go slightly longer between washing.

Once stored in a lidded bucket or wet-bag washing is really easy. Pop everything in the machine, add your detergent and then wash. 2 minutes is all it takes. Once washed the most time consuming part is hanging them to dry but its no more consuming than hanging every day washing.

How do you get stains out?”

Erica from The Incidental Parent asks “How do you get stains out?”. The type of staining you will see in the nappies will either be from poo or from using medication. Medications stains are a lot harder to shift but overtime the stains lessen and fade.

Staining caused from poo can be easily sorted by simply hanging them in sunlight. The UV rays help to whiten the nappies. Keeping the nappy damp will help speed up the process.

“How do you store yours?”

Rachel from Coffee, Cake, Kids asks “How do you store your nappies”. I suppose there is no real answer to this questions as everyone will have their own way of storing them. Over the years I have used wicker baskets, CD/DVD wooden towers/Drona boxes (from Ikea) and Shelving Units.


“Why might you need to strip nappies? How do you strip them?”

Elizabeth from Where the roots and wings entwine asked “Why might you need to strip nappies? and How do you strip them?” If you have a good wash routine you shouldn’t need to ever strip your nappies. Stripping nappies is only needed when there is a build up. The build up could be because you have used too much washing detergent or too little. Knowing the size of your washing machine, the load and using the appropriate amount of detergent will help prevent build ups. Also, making sure you regularly run maintenance washes on  your machine to help clear any build up in the pipes will help.

To effectively “Strip wash” make sure to run a maintenance wash on your machine. Then use a full dose of detergent and rinse until all bubbles are gone. IF this doesn’t solve your problems then you can always soak them in an icy bath tub overnight and then wash.

“How can you find the right nappy for you child and budget?”

Helena from Babyfoote asks “How can you find the right nappy for your child and budget?” The easiest, cheapest and probably the best way to find out which nappy would be suitable would be to use Nappy Libraries. Nappy Libraries are dotted all throughout the country and mainly ran by volunteers. Some also run informal meets where you can meet other families. It really is worth seeing if you can benefit from one.

There are nappies to suit EVERY budget. Even if you don’t have a budget at all you can still access cloth nappies. Most Nappy libraries also offer long term hire kits which are either really cheap to hire or completely free. These will help you build up your own stash of nappies by using the money you would have been spending on disposable nappies to buy cloth ones.

If budget isn’t an issue then you can buy hand made nappies designed to your own specification. As long as copyright isn’t an issue you can pretty much get what ever you want onto a nappy.

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