Summer Challenges with Varta – Potato Clock – #PoweringTheMoment

I really do love the summer and spending time with the boys. Like many other parents though finding something to entertain the kids for 7 weeks can be tough! We have had Pj days, tech days, picnic’s, theme parks and play dates but they are only good for so long. 6/7 weeks is a really long time, so sometimes it is lovely to have things to do to fall back on. Varta recently sent us a package which contained challenges. The first one being to make a potato clock.

Varta - Potato Clock

Potato Clock – Summer Challenge 1

Jack and I got outside to make the most of the summer sun and set about doing the activity. Having a read through the instruction it seemed pretty easy enough and I knew that Jack would be able to complete it himself. So grabbing 2 potatoes I watched him.

Summer Challenges with Varta - Potato Clock

One of the first things Jack needed to do was thread the wire through the copper and zinc plates. It was simple enough and within a few minutes he had done it! Then all he needed to do was pop the plates into the potato. One Zinc and one copper into each potato.

Summer Challenges with Varta - Potato Clock

Jack was amazed that the moment the last piece went through the potato the clock began to work! Food items such as potatoes contain sugar, acid and water. All these together mixed with the copper and zinc turns them into electrodes which powers the digital display.

Summer Challenges with Varta - Potato Clock

The kit we were sent was from the Science Museum and the guide was super easy to follow. It has sparked Jack’s interest in doing more science experiments! Thankfully Varta has us covered for the next few weeks! and Jack can not wait to share them with you!



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