Our 2017 adventures!

I was scrolling through twitter and came across a post from Leslie (Messy Blog UK) which was a lovely post about all the things she and her family got up to during 2017. I figured it was a fab idea so I wanted to create my own! We had so many adventures in 2017 so I wanted to share what we got up too as a family!

Our 2017 Adventures



Looking all the way back to January and for me, it was the start of Veganuary. A whole month where I switched meat, dairy and eggs for a more plant-based diet. In theory, it was a great idea, I wanted a healthier diet and it was a great way to kick start it. But in reality cooking, alternative meals was a pain so i chose convenient foods. It tasted great and I loved the journey but the practice of putting it all together it was tough. I have cut down my meat intake, I don’t drink milk anymore unless in tea/coffee (and those who know me, know that not often). So i have made baby steps in the right direction!

My sister and I also started visiting our grandpop weekly. I have been a pretty crappy grandaughter of late and life is too short! So my sister and I decided that we were going to travel fortnightly to go and see him, but after the first week we enjoyed and made it more regular. A year down the line and seeing the relationship Arthur has with him, and just getting to know him has been amazing. But, it also means we have seen the decline that his Parkinson’s has done. I am thankful that we are making the time to see him!


The biggest event in February was Jack getting glasses. After a trip to the optometrist with Arthur, I asked when I needed to take Jack to see the optician and she had mentioned there was no harm in booking an appointment. So a week later appointment booked and I took Jack to our local Tesco’s for a checkup. I had no idea that Jack needed glasses but he did. He was so upset and it broke me 🙁 He refused to choose glasses so I picked 2 and we waited a week to pick up. He loves his glasses now though!


I went to Wagamama’s for the first time! My sister is a huge fan and for years she had been talking about it! and finally, Wagamama’s came to Peterborough! So after an event we went too in the city we went for dinner and I loved it! Jack also went on his first residential school trip! His class went to Burwell House and whilst they were there, they filmed a news report. He was able to be behind the camera and use the necessary equipment in order to end with the end report. When he came home he was really upset. It broke my heart to see him so sad! All he said was that he missed us, he liked the food and the activities were okay, but he just missed us.


So many great things happened in April! Our family went to Wicksteed Park for the first time! It had been a few years since we last went to a Theme Park. Our first family experience was when Jack was 2 and I was pregnant with Oliver, he hated them! But it was lovely to see the changes. We also went on a Gruffalo hunt at Fineshade Woods. They had not long released an app available on mobiles/tablets which used augmented reality! Mark and I also took the chance to start buying Camping gear ready for our first family camping trip in May! I also can’t forget that Starbucks opened their first Peterborough Drive thru less than 5 minutes from my house!


Jack started Cubs in May and absolutely loved the first week! However, after second week he became really upset and cried when I dropped him off. It took a few weeks and a little encouragement for him to go but he carried it on. I suppose it really helped to know that 2 of his really close friends went too! In May we also went on our first family camping holiday!! We hired our roof box, packed the car and set off to Shell Island in Wales. As a boy, Mark used to come with his family so it was always on our list of places to take our boys. They adjusted to camping really well and we all loved it! Their favourite activity was crabbing, we stood on the side of the causeway for hours catching and releasing crabs. We also went rock pooling which they loved too!


The first day of June is my birthday! and we celebrated it with a 5-hour car trip coming home from Shell Island. We came home a day early due to the forecast of heavy rain and strong winds! There was no way we fancied dismantling our tent in that! Instead, we took a lovely trip home making sure we managed to squeeze in an hour or two of crabbing! June is also the month of Open Farm Sunday. It is a free event where working farms open their gates to the public! We found is a great way to educate the boys (and us!) of where our food comes from and how it becomes what we know and eat. The boys loved it! and I can totally recommend a visit.

Remember me saying Jack started Cubs? Well in June he became invested! along with his close friends, they all became fully-fledged members of Cubs. We took the opportunity to also go to Hill Farm PYO to pick the first strawberries of the season! The boys and I tend to visit every other Saturday in the summer whilst Mark is at work. Turtle Bay also opened a restaurant so i took my sister along to their press night and we had a taste of all the items on the menu! The Peanut Butter smoothie is lush!


The school term finished at the end of July and to celebrate we went to Hamerton Zoo Park. The boys fell in love with the Lar Gibbons we sat and watched them for awhile before going around the rest of the park. We finished the day by going back and watching them again! The boys and I also baked some cakes, it was more a school out and the summer has started activity!


We had such a busy month in August! The entire month of no school and being able to spend time together! We took advantage of our tent and went Camping to Scarborough! Neither of us had been before but it was a place I wanted to go! We took advantage and went to Scarborough Sea Life Center, it was such an amazing place with a great Turtle exhibit. We took the train to Stowmarket and visited the Museum of East Anglian life. Having never been before we had no idea what to expect. It was lovely to see the exhibits of what things looked like in the “early days” The boys were able to get up and close too! We ended the month with spending the bank holiday at Cambridge camping again! Jack also turned 8!!


The boys went back to school! Oliver started Year1 and Jack went into Year 4! Arthur went into his last year of preschool too, which means it is his last school year at home. Mark had his birthday and turned older and the day after Oliver turned 6! He spent months asking for a pink monkey outfit, I could not find one for love nor money so had to settle for this brown one which he loved!

September was also the first time I went to a blogging conference. I had been umming and ahhing about which conference to go too and it was a toss-up between BlogOn Uk and Britmums. But I booked BlogOn (it was so much cheaper) and my sister came too! We stayed at Hotel Football which is opposite Old Trafford Football Stadium too! We had a great time, met some lovely people and generally, we couldn’t wait to go back!

We also took the opportunity to go back to Hill Farm PYO to grab some fresh sweetcorn! We were able to pick them ourselves which the boys loved!


We were invited to Peterborough Cathedral to test out their new explorer backpacks! The boys loved the experience and it meant that we were in the local paper. As a thank you, we were given a voucher to a tea room called Becket’s which was opposite the Cathedral. We found out they were starting a free cookie making session which the boys took part in and we fell in love with the place! Such a gem of the city! My sister and I had our first blogging event at our local shopping centre Queensgate. We were given a £100 gift card, a scenario and then an hour and a half to shop!

We took our final trip of the year to Hill Farm to pick our own Pumpkins ready for Halloween! The boys love the activity and although it works out more expensive than the supermarkets the whole experience makes it worthwhile! Every year we have a little party and put together a small spread of themed food. I am no Nigella Lawson but I like to think the boys enjoy it!


During October/November, the craze “love on the Rocks” swept Peterborough! People decorated pebbles and rocks and then hid them around the city to find. The idea is to spread joy and happiness. The boys and I took part and we enjoyed painting our rocks and hid them around our local area for others to find.


The last month of what has been an incredibly quick year! The month started with a festive feast at Queensgate as part of my Qblogger role. We then met Santa at Sacrewell Farm! The boys loved the crafts, free mince pies and then meeting the man himself! We also went to Key Theatre to watch this year’s Pantomime! Sleeping Beauty! We have loved the panto’s we have watched and this year didn’t disappoint. Our brand new Candy washing machine arrived too!! We also went to have breakfast with Santa too back at Becket’s (see I told you it was my favourite place now!). I can not believe the experience here and I am already looking forward to booking in for next year!!

Christmas Day was just absolutely magical! It was everything I wanted it to be. All those stresses we have has parents, Do they have enough gifts? Will they like them? Do we have what we need for dinner? It was so worthwhile!! and top what has been a great year we went back to Becket’s TeaRoom to make some cupcakes at another FREE event!


  1. 3rd January 2018 / 2:43 pm

    Aww! What a lovely read and what a fab year you had…You had so much going on and made so many wonderful memories.
    Wishing you all the best for 2018 x

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