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Last week I was invited to a blogging event held in Peterborough. It was being hosted by Olbas Oil with Dr Roger Henderson as a guest speaker and it was all about the common cold and ways we could protect our family. We are already fans of Olbas Oil and our first aid box isn’t complete without a bottle.

I thought I was already pretty clued up on the Common Cold and how I can protect my family. However it was reassuring to know that what I thought was right. I did manage to pick up some handy tips and facts which I thought I would share with you!

The common cold can be transmitted by one of two ways;

  • Airborne through coughing and sneezing. A sneeze can carry the cold virus up to 100 mph and for around 25ft in distance.
  • Touch – The cold virus doesn’t instantly die. If you catch your sneeze in your hands, or cough into your hands and then touch a book, door handle etc, the virus can stay live for minutes afterwards!

Know the hotspots!

The most common places outside the home to catch the cold virus are;

  • Nurseries/Playschools – Toddlers are known for their runny noses!
  • School
  • On the commute – Public transport (Buses, trains, trams)
  • At work

Inside the family home the common hotspots are in fact the Kitchen and Bathrooms. Dr Henderson mentioned anywhere with hard surfaces can be a hotspot as we are more likely to come into contact with them.

5 Dr Henderson’s tips on avoiding the family cold

  1. Encourage children to wash their hands properly
  2. Use paper towels, not hankies to blow your nose. The virus can stay live on the hankies long after you blow your nose.
  3. Stay well ventilated – Open windows or go outside ang get some fresh air!
  4. Keep hydrated – Drinking plenty of fluids will help to keep everyone’s immune system fit!
  5. Disinfect the toys! – Making sure the environment around any unwell children is kept clean will help to keep the virus away!

What to do if your family comes down with a cold

Having a common cold doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to see a DR. In fact the symptoms of a cold can be treated at home with over the counter medicines if needs be. However as Dr Roger Henderson said follow your instincts, if you need to see a GP then see one.

If any of the symptoms below are displayed Dr Henderson recommends seeking medical advice.

  • Temp of 103/4
  • Drowsy and unalert
  • Vomiting Consistently
  • Coughing up coloured phlegm
  • No fluids

After about 2-4 days the symptoms of the cold begin to lessen and you are over the worse!

The first 24 hours!

As adults we are more likely to catch the cold 3 times a year, children can catch them up to 4 times in a year! So knowing what you can do in the first 24 hours may be really useful to help kick the cold’s butt!

  • Rest as much as you – As busy parents this easier said than done. However if you can sit and drink a cup of tea, or take a couple of minutes to rest, it would be beneficial.
  • If you are off your food then don’t worry! It is important to keep your fluid intake up. In fact even when well drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day helps to keep your body and immune system working.
  • If you have temperature then you can manage it by taking Paracetamol or Calpol for children. As always read the labels and take appropriately.
  • Fresh air does the world of good! – Open your windows or go for a walk.
  • If you need Decongestants then products such as Olbas Oil works wonders. Mark grew up with his parents putting a couple of drops of Olbas Oil on a tissue and placing it inside his pillowcase, under his pillow worked a treat.

*We were given a gift box in exchange for attending the event and sharing what I learnt.


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  1. 16th December 2018 / 10:35 am

    Excellent account of our blog event thank you Jaymee, I learnt so much during the event and like you, never go without a bottle of Olbas Oil in the house.

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