Jack receives his honour award

Just 2 months ago I sat and wrote a post about Oliver receiving his honour award. In case you don’t know what an honour’s award is

Honour Award

10 times a year the school arranges these Honour Awards and they are given out in a special assembly. Parents of those receiving the awards are invited into school to watch them receive it. The awards are given out to those children who have gone above and beyond, made great contributions to their class, shown exceptional progress in an area that they have struggled in or who have consistently behaved. The special part is, the children have no idea they are about to receive the award until they see their parent sitting in the assembly.

The parents walk in whilst the children are singing to surprise their child. 9 times out of 10 this is a great idea except when you have siblings. So a couple of months ago I had to prewarn Jack that Oliver would be getting an honour’s award. If I hadn’t and he saw me walk into the hall he would have assumed it was him chosen and get upset when his name wasn’t called out. When I told him it was Oliver he cried and it really did upset him. I can understand why he has been at the school longer than Oliver and has worked extremely hard to overcome the writing issues he has faced. So despite consistently being told by his teachers he was excelling and making great progress that had never been picked up on and praised. Until now.

Jack’s award

Last week I received another phone call. This it was Jack that had been chosen for an honour’s award and I was asked to come in and watch him receive it. Of course, I could and I would be there. I spoke to a close family friend to ask if she wouldn’t mind dropping Arthur off at playschool for me. She shared the same excitement I did for Jack and we couldn’t wait! Jack had asked why our friend was dropping Arthur off so quick thinking me told him I had an important meeting. He was none the wiser and I was secretly grinning inside.

Jack's honours award

The next time Jack saw me was when I was walking into the assembly hall ready to see him receive his certificate. At that point he had zero idea he was going to be getting one! The look on his face was priceless and every time I glanced over at him he was grinning. It really was lovely. When Jack’s name was called he stood up and waded himself across the rows of children sat on the floor. He got to the front and walked up to the headteacher who was stood waiting to shake his hand and pass him his certificate. He then also received a sticker from the deputy and went to see on the bench facing everybody. Meanwhile, his class teacher read out why Jack out of all of his classmates he deserved the award this term.

Why Jack received his award

“Jack really is a credit to himself and his family. He is such a pleasure to teach, He is considerate of other, enthusiastic and very conscientious. He is polite and courteous to everyone he meets and greets you with a smile every morning. Jack has a fantastic attitude to learning and he is always ready for a challenge in any subject. He has worked consistently hard all of this term, going the extra mile to improve his work and taking on board every little bit of extra support given to him so that he can apply it at the next opportunity.

Jack really epitomises the saying “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” as he often needs to work extra hard to understand a concept but he will always keep a resilient approach to ensure that his hard work and dedication will bring him success. Your approach to learning has been amazing this term and you truly deserve this award. Well done!

I am just beaming! and as I have said, I am so incredibly proud! Well done Jack!!!



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