Oliver receiving his Honours Award

Last week I received a phone call, one I wasn’t expecting. The school rang to tell me that Oliver had been chosen by his class teacher to receive an honours award the following Friday. I must admit as soon as I put the phone down and realised that day was also Mark’s day off I began to cry…. a little. You see Mark never gets time off to attend school events and it is always me having to go, not that I will ever begrudge going. So knowing he was going to be off work made it even more special. We were reminded not to tell him that he was getting one as it was going to be a surprise.

Honours Award

10 times a year the school arranges these Honour Awards and they are given out in a special assembly. The parents of those receiving the awards are invited into school to watch them receive it. The awards are given out to those children who have gone above and beyond, made great contributions to their class, shown exceptional progress in an area that they have struggled in or who have consistently behaved.

Oliver won’t know he was chosen for an Honours Award until he see’s us walking in the hall for assembly. For this reason, we felt like we had to tell Jack early. I didn’t want him to see us and think he was getting an award. When I told him he was pleased Oliver was chosen but did become really upset, I expected that. He has been at the school for 5 years and hasn’t received one yet. I can’t help but feel really sad for him, he has consistently struggled with his handwriting and he has tried ever so hard to improve it over the past year.

Receiving the award

So today Mark and I dropped the boys off at school and a lovely friend took Arthur to playschool for us. We walked to reception and waited to be called into the assembly hall where all the children were waiting. One by One the deputy headteacher called a child from each class to the front to collect a sticker and certificate. Their class teacher spoke about why they had chosen that child for the Honours Award and then they sat down on a bench in front of the whole school. All the children were chosen for showing great concentration.

When the deputy headteacher called Oliver’s name he stood up and collected his sticker and certificate and when he turned he had the biggest smile on his face! His teacher said this –

“Throughout the whole year, Oliver has demonstrated the toolbox skill of concentration. Whether he is working in his co-operative learning group, in his phonics group, or listening on the carpet, Oliver shows a great ability to concentrate and apply himself to his work. Although he is only in Year 1, Oliver knows that the best way to succeed in his learning is to focus and manage to ignore any distractions around him. He is a considerate and thoughtful member of the class, who always listens carefully to others. Although he is quiet, Oliver contributes well to discussions, and gives well-considered answers, often taking time to think his answer through before he speaks. Oliver can often be found assisting his friends when they are unsure about their learning, especially in maths. His focused approach to his learning is really paying off and aa result, I am seeing some great work from Oliver. Oliver, You are a great example to others in our class. Well done!”

Oliver has only been in the school for 2 years and has been really fortunate to get 2 really great teachers. Both of whom has helped him to become the awesome dude that he is. His current teacher Mrs I is absolutely incredible and I am going to be so sad to say goodbye to her in July. I just hope that Arthur will get her at some point during his time at school.


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