Could this be his last year?

It isn’t going to be long before Jack will ask whether Santa is real and to be honest I am dreading it! I love Christmas and I want him to believe for as long as he can. However I also have to be realistic and with him being in year 5 other children are not so considerate. So every day I am mindful that it could be our last with him believing. But what do I do when the time comes and he asks me “Is Santa real?”

Is santa real?

I like to think I would be open and honest with him and explain that the Santa he believes in, isn’t real. That Santa is imaginary and was created to bring happiness to children all over the world. Because having something happy to believe in isn’t a bad thing. I can’t wait to tell him the story of “Santas” from all over the world. The ones where there are people who go and give toys to sick boys and girls, or the man who adopts poorly children to give them a loving forever home. The stories of the local to us “Santa’s” that raise money for charities, the Santa’s that are selfless.

My plan is to invite him to become Santa too! Especially to Oliver and Arthur who still do believe and I hope will continue to believe for another couple of years. Hopefully by doing that Jack will continue to look forward to Christmas too. I also can’t wait to include him in our Christmas planning and seeing his take on Elf on the shelf. Because after 7 years I am all out of ideas!

I would love to know if you have had this conversation already, what did you say? and how has it changed Christmas in your family?



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