My baby had a Fractured leg – Yes you read that right!

How does a 6 month old get a Fractured leg

It only took one little slip up for it to happen. My beautiful 6 month old baby boy had a fractured leg and it was all my fault. Fathers day started like any other day, waking Mark up, sitting on the bed, chatting, laughing and being together. Rallying the kids together holding Arthur, we made our way downstairs. Except I slipped. Slipped down 5 steps and then I heard it, the high pitch wail and scream from Arthur. Straight away I picked him up and cuddled him and soothed him. Mark came running took him off me and went back upstairs.

Laying him on the bed and checking him over, he seemed absolutely fine. Doing a secondary survey, I started to check him over. Head fine, he didn’t bump that. His arms were fine, stomach fine, back fine. Right leg fine, left leg left him extremely uncomfortable and in pain. He winced, cried and withered it was pure heart breaking!

He settled quickly, speaking to Mark we decided something was not quite right and so we phoned 111, a free NHS advice and support service. They advised a visit to A&E and so we got dressed and off we went.

Within an hour of slipping down the stairs, Arthur and I were waiting in the waiting room of A&E to be seen.

at the hospital

He seemed absolutely fine, as long as you didn’t touch his leg. He was smiling and giggling being his usual self. And all I kept on thinking was what if it was broken and it was all my fault!

After waiting for about 15minutes we were seen in Triage. The lovely Nurse Magdalena (she was really lovely) assessed him and we agreed an X-ray would be needed and we needed to see a DR.

Hospital tag on baby
Arm tag was popped on and then we waited.

Xray 🙁

We soon went to X-Ray which confirmed he had a small Fracture of his lower Tibia (ankle) and swelling of his knee.
I felt terrible and guilty, it was all my fault and now he had a fracture!!

finally a cast

We had to wait for a nurse to come and pop his leg in a full backslab (hardcast behind the leg with bandage at the front) to allow for swelling.
Fractured leg on baby
After 4 hours in A&E I was told we were being admitted to the children’s ward for assessment. This is apparently standard procedure for all breaks and fractures in children under 18months old. We were coming up to breaching in A&E so we were told to wait outside and we would be shown the way to the ward. Personally I think because we were coming up to a breach they just wanted us out. We had to wait 45 minutes sat in the corridor.
Playing with sophie 🙂
Half an hour after breaching A&E times we were shown our way to Amazon Paediatric ward. It was about 1pm I hadn’t eaten or drunk a thing and we were both getting tired.
They showed A to his cot and he laid in there again, playing with sophie.
Finally, around 1.30 the Dr came to see A, he asked me umpteen questions about what had happened and agreed it was a big accident. he discharged us. He said we needed to attend Fracture Clinic and we would be notified within 7-10 days.
Whilst waiting for our discharge papers and Mark to come pick us up, we found a lovely playroom
 When we finally came home at 3.30pm, A was tired as was I, and hungry. Mark had cooked his fathers day dinner and plated ours separately.
life with a 7 month old is full on! The next few weeks are going to be tough!

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