Chocolate, hunts and cake! Must be Easter

Okay, So I know Easter was last week but it has been really busy here lately. So I thought I would quickly share what we got up to and more specifically the beautiful traditional Easter cake (from Italy!) that we ate. This year Easter fell on April Fools Day (April 1st) and it just so happens to be my nephews 17th birthday. Put it this way, this year I won’t be receiving the awesome gift award and I am rather happy with that. He has started smoking and although I started at 12 (I am 6 years smoke free now) I can not and will not advocate it. So, for his gift, I bought him nicotine gum and lozenges. The prices of some of the smoking cessation aids are ridiculous! I wanted to buy him some patches but not at the prices they wanted!

Vorrei Classic Colomba Easter Cake

The Colomba, or dove in English, is a traditional cake in the shape of a flying dove. It is soft and moist and has a similar consistency to the Christmas Panettone. The filling is made of Candied fruits and the topping has sweet crunchy almonds.. It is a really beautiful tasting cake which is freshly hand baked especially for Vorrei.

Finding all the eggs (ahem, Chocolate!)

Mark’s sister Nic and I take it in turns to host a little tea party, I do Halloween, she does Easter. This year, as part of a campaign Co-op (the supermarket), gifted us 4 boxes of their Easter Hunt kits. I must admit they came in really useful for our hunt. The boys all received copious amounts of chocolate (and let’s face it, that’s what Easter is about for kids) and we enjoyed the few moments peace and quiet that came with it.

It was lovely to see all the boys help their younger cousin and they all took it in turns to find the clues and the eggs.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!


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