Countdown is on

In 13 weeks Arthur will be walking into his classroom ready to start the next 7 years of primary education. Worried? I am… he isn’t. I suppose that is how it should be though, and I should be grateful that he is excited. Beginning of the year I was worried how he would cope. Beginning of the year he was still really unsure of being left at preschool despite attending for over a year. I would have to walk him into the room, set him up at an activity before he would let me go. For a while it was cute, I liked seeing him settled and not only did he like it, it reassured me too. But something changed, and he started to come out of himself more. His keyworker would say daily how chatty he has been and who he played with.

Arthur running

One day a friend dropped him off to school as Mark and I were going to the school to see Oliver receive his Honour’s award. Since that day Arthur has walked into the room on his room, I was no longer needed. It was such a huge step which boosted his confidence greatly. At the beginning of the week, I was invited to read his transition to school document. It is basically a school report which is passed onto his class teacher from preschool describing Arthur and his development. Reading how happy and cheery he is made me realise just how big my little boy is. He is no longer my little cloth bummed baby wrapped in my sling being carried on the school run. He was now my 4 year old boy getting ready for his new chapter in life.

Arthur in his uniform

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  1. 14th June 2018 / 2:11 pm

    Aww! It sounds like he is ready for school…Good luck to him. I’m sure he’ll do great. x

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