Handy Hints and Tips to deal with Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox seems to be making it’s rounds again and I am dreading the moment Arthur comes out in spots. At the moment my niece Millie is currently going through the symptoms and it has been horrible seeing her photos. It has taken me back to when Jack and Oliver both caught it in 2012. Jack was the first to come out in the spots followed by Oliver about 2 weeks after. At the time Oliver was only 7 months old and so helpless. He spent the entire week constantly wriggling and trying to itch the spots.

I find when you have siblings it is pretty much guaranteed that they will catch it. The first one will feel better and no doubt you will have a couple of days thinking you beat it! Then BANG spots will appear on the second and you’re stuck indoors going stir crazy again!

Chicken Pox is a common childhood illness and it is probably safe to say that at one stage or other they will come down with it. It starts with an itchy, spotty rash. The symptoms tend to take 2-3 weeks to show after being exposed.

Here are a couple of Hints and Tips on how we dealt with Chicken Pox and who knows it may come in useful for you.

Hints and Tips

Chicken Pox

Oat Baths – My sister Jo at The Knight Tribe recommends oat baths. She advises to put porridge oats into a pair of tights and put them over the tap whilst it is running. Oats are a great way to relieve itching. The oats help to moisturise the skin and relieve the itchiness.

Offer Luke warm baths – Luke warm water helps to sooth child’s itches and gives little relief. Bath time is also a great distraction from the itching which leads to tip number 2

Distraction – It is going to itch! Like nothing, you have felt before and they are going to want to scratch. Try and distract them with toys, books or stickers!

Try ChickenPox Remedies – Such as Virasoothe. Virasoothe works by drawing water from the lower level of the skin (dermis) into the upper level of the skin (epidermis). This creates a cooling effect as it evaporates which in turn relieves irritation. You can apply by using a handy spray gel which provides a quicker application. Virasoothe can easily be applied over the face and body from 6 months of age and can help reduce scarring.

Do not give ibuprofen – The use of ibuprofen can cause serious skin conditions so it is no longer advised to give. Always seek medical advice for pain relief whether it is a pharmacist, nurse or Dr.

Loose fitting clothing – Anything too tight can cause the itching to get worse. Loose clothes allow great air flow!

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  1. 28th June 2018 / 5:41 pm

    Great tips! Luckily we had chicken pox mild but it was still very uncomfortable

  2. 29th June 2018 / 4:30 pm

    Great tips – I am so glad that chicken pox is over in our house. It’s such a sorry time! x

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