I broke my 7 month old babies leg

Father’s day used to be such a lovely day at our house! We would wake Mark up with breakfast in bed, watch him open his gifts and then all go downstairs. That was until Fathers Day 2014 where I broke Arthur’s leg. It was a complete accident and could have been prevented but at the time it was horrific. Something that has pretty much stuck with me every day since and something I could ever forget. Even 4 years later I remember it like it was yesterday.

The day started as usual…

We all woke up early, Jack was 4, Oliver 2 and Arthur was 7 months old. I had brought up all of Mark’s gifts the night before and when the boys stirred I went downstairs to make him a cup of tea. The boys were all really keen to wake him up, so we all sat around the bed, making him stir until he woke. It was such a lovely morning and the boys were all really excited. Arthur loved giving Mark his homemade cards and was constantly smiling and laughing, a proper picturesque moment.

Then it happened,

Then it was time to head downstairs, Jack and Oliver became restless so we left Mark in bed and I carried Arthur on my hip. I got to the 10th step downstairs and I fell. Arthur still clung to my side, I must have twisted somehow and his leg ended up behind me. The scream! I can’t get the scream out of my head. Mark came running down and took Arthur off me. I hip and back hurt and although I had only gone down a couple of steps I ached all over. Jack and Oliver became upset and unsure of what was happening they became confused.

Mark comforted Arthur and when he stopped crying, which in the grand scheme of things wasn’t long he checked him over. He seemed fine, no bruising no visible injuries, nothing. I pressed on his arms and they were fine, I checked his belly and back and they seemed fine and then I touched his leg. He flinched. I was so unsure what to do, If I left him and something was wrong, I couldn’t forgive myself.

Off to A&E we go,

I rang 111 and was advised to take him into A&E for an X-Ray. Mark opted to stay behind with the boys and packing a couple of nappies and bag of wipes, and his sophie giraffe he dropped us off at the hospital. I was expecting a long wait. Within 15 minutes of arriving we had been called through to see the triage nurse. She was really lovely, asked what happened and checked him over. She said what we was expecting, that an X-Ray would need to be done before they could treat him. They asked if I had given him any painkillers and I said no. I felt really guilty that I hadn’t but I didn’t want to give him something in case they needed to do something to him. And unless you touched his leg he was fine.

Waiting at the hospital to be seen

We were shown to a cubicle, whilst another nurse checked him over. We were then quickly shown to the X-Ray department and a short wait after we were called in. Arthur was in unfamiliar surroundings, all he wanted was a cuddle. Instead he laid on a cold table with his leg being held down so they could X-Ray him. Although realistically it took minutes, if not seconds it felt like hours. I can still see his face whilst he was lying there.

playing with sophie the giraffe

Fitting the Cast

Another nurse and Dr came over after looking at his scans and explained that he had fractured his left lower tibia and had a swollen Knee. I felt terrible, I had done this. We were told he needed a cast on his leg called a “backslab”, It is a hard cast behind the leg and wrapped in bandages, so the top was soft. It was to allow the swelling to go down if he was to have a full hard cast it could restrict the blood flow. I was also asked again how it happened, it must have been the sixth time I had to explain what happened. I remember concentrating so hard on remembering exactly what happened as I was petrified if I forgot to mention a detail or couldn’t explain something he would be taken off me.

Backslab leg cast

It was about 12 pm we had been in the hospital for about 3 and a half hours when he was placed in his cast. Arthur, of course, hated it! He kept kicking his legs out and then crying, I can only imagine how painful that must have been for him. We were shown back to the cubicle and then told we were being discharged from A&E but transferred to the Paediatric Ward. Arthur had to stay there for observations and assessments which apparently is normal after fractures and breaks.

It was finally agree that it was a huge accident

We had been in the hospital at this point for over 4 hours. Arthur hadn’t eaten, I hadn’t eaten and we were both hungry. Luckily for Arthur, he was still breastfed so he just drank lots of milk. A nurse popped by and asked if I was still feeding Arthur myself. Apparently, that meant I was entitled to a sandwich. But before she came back the Dr came and asked me a bunch of questions again. He finally agreed that it was a huge accident and that we could be discharged. We just had to wait for the discharge papers to be finalised and then we could go home. So whilst we waited, we made the most of the Sensory Room.

Arthur in the sensory room


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  1. 23rd Jun 2018 / 10:30 pm

    Oh lovely. I’m so sorry this happened to both of you. I hope your little boy is recovering well now. I know how you feel/felt all too well, as we are a very accident prone family 🙁 I remember being in hospital and feeling the exact same way as you, so much guilt, but also so incredibly worried you’d say something wrong and the worst would happen. xxxx

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