Back on the Slimming World wagon!

There is no denying that I love my food. All you need to do is take one look at me and you can see for yourself how much I enjoy eating. However it doesn’t mean that I like being fat, nor am I really happy about it. I’m not. There isn’t anything anybody can do for me though to change this, unless of course you were rich and wanted to pay for cosmetic surgery! So I need to get to grips on my weight and control by myself. So today, I joined Slimming World.

Re-joining Slimming World

I am not a total stranger to the slimming world concept. It was a few years back since I last joined and I lost over a stone and a half and I did feel great! I rarely felt hungry and the food I was eating was lovely. Why did I stop? Christmas. Christmas happened and it came at me full throttle! After which I didn’t want to go back so just stopped. I seemed to have joined at just the right time year, I have a whole year before we hit Christmas again. So a whole year to lose as much as I can. I am determined not to spend my thirties as I have my twenties.

Gone are the full fat Caramel frappacinos from Starbucks (23 syns!!!!!), my kryptonite! and Hello Coffee light frappacino with skimmed milk and no whipped cream (5syns)! I don’t want to stop having what I enjoy, I am not in it for the short haul. This is a lifestyle change and I enjoy my Starbuck treat so for me making the right choices and making a few changes means I can still enjoy it. I just really hope that when I go to weigh in next week I see a loss on the scales! There is nothing worse than really trying and not seeing any of the benefits.


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