5 New Baby Essentials!

We very recently welcomed a brand new baby to our family, Baby Violet. My sister in law went into labour last week and after a quick delivery she arrived and she is perfect! To help prepare for her arrival both her mum, Nichola and I put together this little shopping list, of items every new baby will need

1. Somewhere to sleep

This beautiful Moses basket is from Kiddies Kingdom and comes with all the bedding pictured too! Moses Basket are a great option for a safe place to sleep during the day in the main living area of the house.

2. For the bath

Bathtime can be such a lovely experience and one which I loved! Although babies don’t need to be covered in products, they can be useful to have. Using lotions and oils to do baby massage not only helps with strengthening bonds but baby massage can be shown to improve mental development and alertness in babies too!

Johnson’s Baby Bathtime Gift Set is a great collection of skincare products such as baby shampoo, baby bath and baby lotion. Along with a collection of baby milestone cards, baby bath book and a cute duck shaped sponge. The bag can be reused too!


3. Nappies!

Every baby will need a nappy in their lifetime, whether you choose to use Cloth, biodegradable or disposables. Thankfully there are plenty of options and I love these Kit & Kin nappies and wipes. I personally used cloth nappies on 2 out of 3 of my children and helped hundreds of families on their cloth nappy journey. However I understand that not everyone wants to use them due to whatever reasons they may have. Kit & Kin is a lovely alternative as the nappies and the wipes are biodegradable.

4. To Play

Newborns don’t need fancy toys or anything special to keep them occupied, they are happy to just take in their surroundings and respond to those around them! However, I loved Sophie La giraffe when Arthur was little. It was on my list to buy for baby Violet for when she is older. Sophie is made using 100% natural rubber and is the perfect size for little hands.

Sophie la Giraffe is a great aide for teething and helping to soothe sore gums. She also squeaks when pressed! Lazare the Cat is super soft and textured which helps stimulate the sense of touch.

5. Food

For those who are looking into using bottles, whether for expressed breast milk or formula then these Dr. Brown bottles are a great option. My sister in law used Dr.Brown with her first child and loved the anti colic feature. The starter set comes with 2x 5oz/150ml bottles and 1 9oz/270ml bottle as well as 2x level 2 teachs, and 2x level 3 teats and a cleaning brush.

Another great feature is you can choose to use the green vent system or choose not too! The green vent helps to create 100% vacuum free feeding which reduces wind related colic.

*Some of these items were sent to us in exchange for this post*


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