Fridge Raider – #ElfotShelf16 – 3rd December

Buddy and Snowflake are up to no good,
They’ve opened the fridge and scoffed some food,
They covered themselves,
he fridge and the spoon,
I wander what they’ll get up to soon!
Day 3 already! Is it just me or are you also feeling like this month is going to fly by. I have had a really busy week and i can probably envisage lots more. The boys have been running down the stairs trying to find the elves and the screams of laughter makes it worth it. The evenings have been a bit more manic trying to remember to place the elves in a different place. I can totally see myself running downstairs before the boys to throw the elves somewhere. Todays theme is Fridge Raider. So the elves have been causing havoc in the Fridge today. I have however noticed how small my new fridge is compared to my old one, the elves barely fit! They both look as though they enjoyed the yogurt and have made some mess in the process!
I can’t wait to see what your elves are getting up too? How are you at remembering to set them up each evening? I think an alarm to remind me at 8.30pm would be a good idea!
If you are taking part in Elf on the shelf but need some ideas? Check out my list of 24 themes on what your elves can get up to. Use #Elfotshelf16 on social media to take part!
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  1. 3rd Dec 2016 / 8:35 pm

    Love the Fridge Raiders idea.
    We’re quite good at remembering to set something up each night, but then we’ve had a few years of practice now. I always try to have a few quick and simple ideas saved up for if I don’t have the time/energy for a bigger set-up xx

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