Oh Help! Oh no! It’s a Gruffalo – Fineshade Woods

Earlier in the week we took the time to visit Fineshade Woods. It is part of the Forestry Commission and currently home to The Gruffalo! We visited last year to track down the Gruffalo and friends and found their sculptures dotted around their trail. This year however technology has turned it up a notch! And with the help of the Gruffalo Spotters app we headed off in search of Mouse, Fox, Snake, Owl and of course the Gruffalo. The app uses augmented reality to help bring the characters to live. It is quite the experience!

*It is probably worth noting to download the app before setting off. If you search for Gruffalo Spotters on the app store/google play you should find it. It is free to download and doesn’t take up too much space*

Along the Gruffalo trail

We arrived at Fineshade Woods around 11am after taking a little detour to Corby, not blaming anybody! Husband! Like most places there is a charge to parking. The money is put back into the upkeep of the forest. It wasn’t too badly priced at 1.50 an hour or 4.00 all day. We brought the day ticket so we didn’t have any restrictions. Once I brought the activity pack (3.00 per pack) we started on our hunt.

Fineshde woods

The boys loved finding the clues to which character we were going to meet. Along the trail there were wooden signs set up encouraging you to search for clues. For the app to work you need to find the wooden sign with the footprints on. With the app open point the camera too the sign to see each of the characters come to life!

The activity pack included a range of cards all ready for you to fill out. On the sheets are handy little activities and things to spot. As well as facts about each of the animals.

The trail took us a couple of hours to complete. We took our time and went exploring in the woods too! Along the trail we found some dens which the boys loved playing in and we couldn’t take them away!

We finally met The Gruffalo



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