Guest Post – Spider and Web- a fine motor craft from natural materials

Spider and Web- a fine motor craft from natural materials

This is a brilliant craft using cheap and free natural materials to create a spider and web. Nothing better than bringing home treasures from a woodland walk to turn into little animal friends…

Fine motor skills are crucial for under 5’s in developing the muscles necessary to perform essential tasks later; using a knife and fork, doing up buttons and writing.

Step 1– Make the frame for the web.

By tying the sticks together with the string, you create a base for the web. Depending on how old your child is, they could do this themselves, or add beads to the string as you tie it around the sticks.

Step 2- Decorate the frame.

Use brightly coloured wool to weave in and out of the web frame, practicing fine motor skills.

Step 3– Make the spider’s body.

A flat, dark stone, or a pinecone, both work well for this part. Be creative with what you can find in the woods! Squeezing the glue from a bottle and picking up those little googly eyes is extra fine motor muscle training for little fingers!

Step 4– Add the legs.

Using black pipe cleaners will give your spider that hairy-legged authenticity! You could always attach it to the web with string or elastic.

Et voila- a lovely spider and web, to be adapted and further decorated as desired or played with as it is!



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