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Last year I took part in a series of craft activities all focused on Christmas Cards. Kid Made Christmas Cards was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it so much we are back this year! The focus being Kid Made Christmas Decorations. Yesterday’s Kid Made Christmas decoration “Clay Mittens” was made by Jen from Mum In The MadHouse (the creator of the series) and you can find it here. My decoration is all about the cute Snowman! The boys and I got together and made our Christmas Snowman Sock Decoration. It is really simple and lots of fun so here is how we made him!

Christmas Snowman Sock Decoration

Christmas Snowman Sock Decoration

What you will need:

  • A white sock – I used an adult 4-8 size and it seemed to be a perfect size. If you don’t have a spare one then it is only £1.80 for a pack of 5 pairs from Primark.
  • 2x Buttons for the front – Any colour you would like
  • 2x Thin black pipe cleaners to make the arms, rim of the hat and eyes,
  • 1x Orange pipe cleaner – You literally only need a small amount to use as the nose
  • Ribbon – You can choose any colour you would like, and if you wanted you can choose separate colours for the hat and scarf.
  • a bowl of rice,
  • and of course, a Glue gun. (My boys have used glue guns before so they were okay with using it, although you could use a glue stick)

Step 1

Making the body

Christmas Snowman Sock Decoration

Fill the sock about halfway with rice. Tie the end and then fold the remaining part of the sock back upon itself.

Christmas Snowman Sock Decoration

Step 2

Making the scarf

Cut enough ribbon to go around the neck of your snowman. Fold in half lengthways and glue it down. Put it around the neck of the snowman and put a small amount of glue to stick the ribbon together (like the 3rd picture across)

Step 3

Placing the buttons

Using the glue gun, glue the buttons on the front of the Snowman.

Step 4

The arms

Cut 2 3-4cm lengths using the black pipe cleaners. Using the glue gun, glue about one centimetre of the black pipe cleaner down on the sides of the snowman. You can bend the pipe cleaner in any position you would like.

Step 5

Adding the eyes and the nose.

Cut a small part of the orange and black pipe cleaners and glue it onto the face of the snowman.

Step 6

Making of the hat

This is probably the most difficult part of the snowman and if you have anything already in the home you can use (a small Santas hat for a bottle or something) then that will probably be easiest.

Cut enough ribbon to go around the head of the snowman, cut it in half lengthwise (if you want a smaller hat, or leave it as it is if you want a tall hat) and glue the ends together.


Then cut another piece off the ribbon to use as the top section of your hat. Glue around the top edge of the circle ribbon and set it on the top section like the pictures below. Cut around the top section as close to the edge as you like.


Using the black pipe cleaner (or alternative colour) start to glue around the bottom of the hat going all the way around. That’s the hat finished! Pop it onto the head of the snowman.

Christmas Snowman Sock Decoration

Step 7

Using a black marker pen (preferably a fabric pen) draw a smile on your snowman! VOILA

Christmas Snowman Sock Decoration


If you would like to follow the series then please pop over the Mum In The Mad House  who is hosting this great series!

Kid Made Christmas Decorations

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