#BostikBlogger – Valentine’s Day Crafts – Feb Box

#BostikBlogger Valentine's Day Craft

As a family we love crafts! I don’t boast to be the best and many of which end up as Pinterest fails, but we do like to attempt. This year we are #BostikBloggers. Which means each month we will be sent a craft box with the aim to create something special that month. Something we think you would like to re-create! Being a mum, I like to keep my crafts simple, something that even the younger ones can do (sometimes with a little help). I hope I have achieved that this month!

Valentines Card


#BostikBlogger Valentine's Day Craft

You will need;

A card,

Bostik Glu Dots (or any glue)

Small piece of material, enough to cover the card

a piece of coloured paper (I have pink) and again enough to cover the card

Love heart to use as a stencil

Pencil, scissors

Draw around the card on the back piece of the material and cut it out. You want the material to fit on the front of the card. Once cut out, apply the Glu dots on the corners and the middle to glue the material to the card.

Trace around the heart stencil on the piece of coloured paper and cut out. Using the Glu dots attach the paper to the card, making sure the cut out is placed on top of the material. Once applied cut around the paper ensuring a good fit. and voila! all done.

Valentine Basket

#BostikBlogger Valentine's Day Craft

You will need;

A print out of a Cube box pattern,

A4 Foam sheet in any colour you would like

Bostik Glu Dots (or any other glue)

Embellishments to decorate the outer side of the basket,

Pencil, Scissors and Chocolate!

Cut out the cube pattern and trace around it on the foam sheet. Once drawn round cut out the foam sheet.

Using the grid on the cube pattern fold the foam sheet so it resembles a cube. Use the Glu Dots to attach the tabs to the cube. You will be left with what will be the lid of the box. You can choose to either use this as a lid or fold it back into the box (which is what I did). Use the embellishments to decorate the box. Then pop your chocolate in 🙂

#BostikBlogger Valentine's Day Craft


  1. 18th February 2018 / 3:45 pm

    Awwww so cute.
    I love this valentine basket, it is so beautiful!!
    I definitely gonna try this at my home.

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