Can you feed a family of 5 on £10 for 1 day? – Zamcog #£2challenge

It costs just £2 to educate and feed 1 child in Zambia every day. A UK Based Charity called Zamcog has made it their mission to eradicate poverty and to build futures by providing education and food. Zamcog has teamed up with Voucherbox to put the blogging community to the test. Could we cut down our food spends and waste for one day? All we have to do is cut our spending to £2 per family member and write about our experience.


I am really trying to focus more on saving this year so this challenge will help me to try and set a realistic budget when it comes to food shopping. £10 to feed a family of 5 for 1 day doesn’t sound like a lot does it?



Porridge and banana’s


Jacket Potatoes, cheese and beans


Toad in the Hole, potatoes and Broccoli


Yogurts for pudding.

£8.79 from Tesco for all of the ingredients needed.

I have tried to buy relatively healthy options although with a budget it is difficult. I also haven’t factored drinks as I wasn’t sure whether that needed to be included. However you can buy a bottle of squash for under 50p. The ingredients are all from Tesco and all are their budget range.



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