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What comes from the sea? and looks like Tagliatelle pasta? I Sea Pasta!

I Sea Pasta

I Sea Pasta is the brainchild of Dutch company Seamore. Using Seaweed harvested in Ireland it is washed, dried and packaged and then sold as I Sea Pasta. The founder whilst on holiday in Ibiza mistook seaweed for pasta and within 2 years it was on the market.

The benefits

Not only is seaweed sustainable when harvested correctly it is also organic, gluten free, 100% raw, low carb and low calories. Seamore Food says that eating seaweed will help to give your brain needed minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium, copper and iodine. With the main 2 being Iodine and Serotonin, Iodine is a mineral which helps to support growth whereas Serotonin help to lift our mood.

The other benefits to eating I Sea Pasta is that it can help boost our energy levels. Fibres stimulate your gut flora and helps to release slow carbs and fibres which helps to keep your energy levels boosted. 1 portion of I Sea Pasta contains your daily amount of magnesium and more than tice the amounts of iron as spinach.

You can read more about the benefits here.


Preparing I Sea Pasta

Seamore recommend 3 different ways to prepare the seaweed;

  1. Soak for 45 minutes in cold water.
  2. Soak in hot water for 20 minutes
  3. Cook for 15-20 minutes for a more tender sea breeze taste.

Follow the video for some hints/tips of cooking –


Our thoughts

I cooked the seaweed and added my favourite tomato and basil sauce and although I did it my portion the kids didn’t. Arthur loves pasta and I didn’t tell him what it was he was eating. I thought as it looked a little like pasta (but green!) he may actually eat it. He didn’t.


I think like most new foods if you try it more than once you may grow to like it! The health benefit certainly makes it worthwhile to try and like it. It is low in carbs, gluten free, vegan-friendly and organic too!

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