Cheesecake with no cheese!

Diverting cheesecake disaster

If you didn’t read my previous post about my cheesecake saga here is the link to it

The cheesecake didn’t turn out as expected which meant when out the fridge it melted. Each part of the cheesecake tasted lovely so that is a bonus. After posting on my personal wall about the disaster it transpired that not whisking to a “Stiff Peak” was the culprit. So next time I will use my electric whisk and just keep whisking.

In my working days, I used to work at a Nursery looking after children. The cook would make this lovely desert using flavoured whip and a biscuit base. A really quick and simple make so we decided to try it!

The Base

The base of the desert, can I call it cheesecake? There is no cheese in it afterall. Anyways, the base is the same as cheesecake crushed biscuit and melted belted mixed together. Once in the tin we placed it in the fridge.

The Topping

The topping is pretty much just flavoured Whip. We used Tesco’s Strawberry whip 2 packets and 600ml of milk was plenty to the top, if not a little too plenty. I poured the topping on top of the biscuit base and placed back in the fridge to set for a couple of hours.


We all enjoyed this desert not only making it but eating it too. It really was quick and easy and ready in just a couple of hours. I think next time I may bake the base just to see if that would change anything or not and Mark would like us to use a butterscotch whip instead.

To serve we sliced the desert and used ice cream sprinkles on top.

I loved how simple this was to make, and it really can be made in less than 10 minutes !

If you make this I would love to see some photos!




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