Prepping for Christmas Dinner

A couple of weeks back we went to Queensgate Shopping Centre to see the Christmas light switch on. They were so excited to see them and I was too. We hadn’t been to a switch on before so we didn’t really know what to expect. The boys (from what they could see) loved it! But now we have seen the switch on it means the Christmas countdown has begun!

Christmas Light Switch On

One of the main things that I absolutely love arranging is our Christmas dinner. It is the only meal that I go all out on and more often than not we go over the top. This year we will be using a Xmas Hamper from MuscleFood. Everything is booked and ready to be delivered in December.

One of the biggest stresses that I have every year is physically buying the food for Christmas and the days that follow. I tend to try and book a home delivery service but then spend the delivery day worried that maybe my items would be substituted. The last thing I wanted to do was battle the crowds in the supermarket to buy the missing items. It is such a welcome relief knowing that this year MuscleFood will be delivering the most important parts of our meal.

Prepping Christmas Dinner

When we have our Christmas dinner I tend to cook a selection of meats. There is usually plenty left over to last us the next couple of days and nothing goes to waste. This year we are having Turkey! A huge 3-3.4kg turkey which is enough to feed 8-10 people. To help minimise time spent in the kitchen I prep everything the day before. The meat gets cooked and sliced and kept in container with gravy which is then ready to be re-heated the next day. The roast potatoes are prepped ready to cook on xmas day and the Pigs in blankets are all prepared before hand.

I even prepare the vegetables. If anything needs cutting or peeling then it is all done before hand. Growing up I remember my mum spending a lot of time in the kitchen and not with us. Although we all opened our gifts together it was when family visited that she missed out. On Jack’s first Christmas that was what happened to me and I hated it every minute. I wanted to see his face with every gift he unwrapped but being stuck in the kitchen meant I missed out. So the following year with my mums advice we planned and prepped. I wrote a timing schedule so both Mark and I knew what needed cooking/taking out of the oven and when.

Our schedule

We love eating our dinner around midday. We don’t have as many family members visiting us on Christmas Day itself so we don’t have to worry about unexpected guests turning up. So Mark and I try and get dinner cooked and served by 1pm. Giving us the afternoon to just relax and watch movies and let the boys play with their new toys.

This year

This year will be no different! We are excited to try the Muscle Food Hamper and I have only heard great things about it! 

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