Christmas at our house!

Being a family of 5 things can get a little manic at Christmas. We love it though and wouldn’t have it any other way. I love Christmas and I am usually the first one awake. This year was no different and I woke up at 5.30am. Mark and Arthur were snoozing beside me so I played on my phone a bit. I saw my sister was awake so we started chatting on messager. Not long after Oliver woke up. He didn’t get out of bed but just laid there. He started talking to himself and then all of a sudden he sang “nananananana Batman!!” No idea where that sprang from.

About 45 minutes later Jack started stirring and then I could hear “He’s been!!”, “Santa’s been!” the excitement in their voices was just amazing! Within minutes they were in our room, stockings in hand wanting to open them!

When all the presents were opened and Mark and I got dressed we took them downstairs. The night before Mark and I put their gifts into piles. It makes it all a little easier in the mornings. I have a pad and pencil ready so i can easily write what they received from who so the thank you cards are easier to write. 

This year we decided to make it a little more magical. Jack isn’t going to believe for much longer so we are kind of running out of time for him.

Opening Presents

It took us 2 hours this year for the boys to open their gifts. Which in hindsight is way too long. They took it in turns to open their presents and reading each gift tag and it was lovely to see them all excited about each other’s gifts.

One of the toys in their stockings was Lego, I was sent these little cute Moz figures. If you don’t know who Moz is, did you even watch tele over Christmas. Moz was the favourite monster under the bed featured in the 2017 John Lewis Christmas ad. John Lewis teamed up with Lego and have recreated the past 6 years worth of adverts and have had them all on display in their flagship store on Oxford Street. In total, the scenes have amassed 169 hours and 12,050 bricks.

3 Moz lego creatures

Christmas Dinner

Normally I am a lot more organised when it comes to Christmas Dinner. The meat is usually cooked the day before and the Pigs in Blankets are usually prepared ( I make my own), The veg is all cut and prepared and in pans of water and I even write a cooking schedule! This year, however, I fell behind with everything! Our oven is tiny and if I had thought about it a bit more I would have placed the gammon in the slow cooker to cook overnight because I had to put it in the same dish as the Chicken. My oven resembled a Tetris game and I just about won! It has reaffirmed my position on preparing Christmas Dinner the day before.


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  1. 28th Dec 2017 / 1:05 pm

    It looks like you all had a fab day….Wonderful photos.
    I cooked our meat on Christmas eve and I still ran behind with the cooking. lol We didn’t eat until after 4pm which was too late.

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