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Children’s Christmas Gift Guide – Bumper Edition

Finding the perfect gift can be really difficult. I have compiled a list of all the things I think would make pretty awesome gifts for boys and girls!

Children’s Christmas Gift Guide

PoshPaws International Soft Toys- Various Prices, Olaf £10, Despicable me 3 backpack £19.99, Winnie the Pooh £12 – Beautiful licensed soft toys, Posh Paws International have a wide range of soft cuddly toys to suit everybody!

Bladez Toyz - Inflatable StarWars/Minions Inflatable RC

Bladez Toyz Inflatable R/C’s – From £24.99 – With different licensed characters you can choose from the Teletubbies, star wars, minions or even Peppa Pig! The Inflatable R/C’s are a great option, you can even play multiplayer too! You can read a review here of what we thought! 

Rummikub Classic – £24.99 – With brilliant simplicity, Rummikub provides hours of amusement. Each game is as different as the combinations of moves you choose to play. The aim is to be the first player to shout ‘Rummikub’, by placing all the tiles from your rack onto the table as part of a ‘run’ or ‘group’, to accumulate the highest score. Players must use strategy and sharp moves to outwit their opponents but beware of the Joker… he can fire up the game, but if he is smiling on your rack at the end of the round, you lose 30 points!

Hot Wheels RC Bladez Drone Racerz – £34.99 – Get ready for a revolution in vehicle play with Bladez Drone Racerz! Fly the drone indoors or out, flip 360º and try the drone gate challenge! Now connect the drone to the exclusive Hot Wheels car chassis included to drive, drift and race your friends – or use the ramps and gates included to set up the ultimate stunt challenge! Drone Racerz even work with Hot Wheels™ track (not included) so you can set up a head to head drag race or use track to build bigger and wilder no limits Drone Racerz stunts!

Undo Me mini Cube/Vibrating Pillow – NRS Healthcare – £36/£100 for 3 – This light, soft, colourful cube can be used with children to develop fine motor skills and also with adults who have dementia. Having something to hold and manipulate or fiddle with can have a calming effect and reduce boredom.

Vibrating Pillow – 

Available in a pack of red, blue and silver colours these vibrating pillows can be an effective tool for children with sensory processing disorder, or sensory seekers in general. Simply squeeze the cushion, or sit on it, to make it vibrate, then release the pressure to make the vibration stop.

Children that have trouble sitting for meals, stories, car rides, shopping trips, school work, movies, or anything else will be comforted by the vibrations of the pillow. Those who have trouble falling asleep will enjoy the relaxation of the sensations. Vibration can also provide a filter for over stimulation.

MoverKit – £59.99-

Suitable for ages 8+ The Mover Kit is a great way to teach children the art of coding. With a super easy to follow manual and dozens of projects available online it is a great way to entice children to get active and be outdoors!

Mini Hornit – £14.99 – The Mini hornit is the ultimate lights and sounds accessory for any child’s scooter or bike! It has 25 sounds and white and green lights! Fits on all bikes and scooters and has a remote trigger, so no need to take hands off the handlebars!

ToddleBike2 – £23.95 –

Aimed at toddlers up to 3 years ToddleBike2 is great for indoor and outdoor use! Really lightweight but stable it is wipe clean, durable and comes with a 3-year guarantee. Toddlebike2 offers the same in-line wheel configuration which sets it apart from the traditional ‘trike’ or the next step of balance bike or pedals allowing Toddlers to transition easily from Toddlebike to balance bike and on to pedals seamlessly.


The Very Merry Christmas Game – £20 –

Presents, crackers, festive songs and sprouts – all the fun of Christmas in one box! The Very Merry Christmas Game brings the whole family together as you all compete to grab the most lavish set of presents for your stocking. Presents might be really nice or really naff and you may not find out what the other players have dished out to you until you open them at the end of the game.

Pull a cracker* using the Cracker cards to snatch a better present from someone else’s stocking. You may even have to sing a favourite festive song to avoid losing one of your own prezzies! Watch out for the dreaded sprout cards as they could have a bad effect… It’s the only game you’ll ever need for Christmas! *Due to toy safety regulations the game uses cards to represent the pulling of crackers but the game can be played using real Christmas crackers (not included)

Galleoneers – Single Gift box £9.99 – Our Recipe Box contains a 24-page fully-illustrated recipe & activity book, kitchen tools, arts and crafts materials and some of the hard to find dry food ingredients. Delivered to your doorstep!

Discovery Toys Galaxy Tracker 60mm Smart Telephone – £59.99 – Navigate the stars using the ‘Star walk 2’ smartphone app – winner of an apple design award. A night sky guide app for smartphone. Use the enclosed adaptor to Mount your smartphone on the telescope, making it easy to use the app to find and identify the stars. Comes with 2 eyepieces 16.6mm, 8.3mm, erector lens (21x microscope, diagonal mirror). for ages 8 years and over.

Boots MiniClub Dress, Gilet and Tights Set – £25 – Beautifully soft faux fur gilet and a lovely blue dress (with grey tights, not pictured) with a lovely fawn print.

Mitre Scriball Footballs – from £12 – One of the original football brands is delivering fans a unique collection of Star Wars Mitre balls, inspired by the world’s most iconic sci-fi culture phenomenon. Just as the first love of nearly every child growing up is football, one of their favourite movies has got to be Star Wars! This Christmas, Mitre is uniting with Star Wars to deliver a series of footballs that will excite fans of all ages.

In the Night Garden Throw and Count Haahoos – £14.99 – Have hours of fun with the In the Night Garden Throw and Count Haahoos. This colourfully printed playmat comes with x4 character Haahoo bean toys. The centre target on the mat is where children can find the 5th Haahoo! Get little ones moving as they practise their throwing, catching and counting skills with the fun Haahoo bean toys! Suitable from 12 months.

XtremBots – Trooper Bot – £59.98 –Here comes the ultimate xtrem bot, trooper bot. Over 35cm tall, the high tech trooper bot is armed and ready for combat, with a missile launcher built into its arm – take aim and fire using the infrared remote control. Then when the battle is over, trooper bot can perform its own robotic dance! trooper bot can walk and slide forward, turn, move backwards, and follow up to 50 consecutive commands.

The multi LED eyes have a variety of facial expressions. Trooper bot comes with a protective visor, 5 missile darts and USB cable for recharging (2 x AA batteries only required for the controller). infra-red transmitter reaches range of more than 5 metres. For ages 5 years and up.

Boots Mini Club Moose Jumper and Jeans (sold separately) – Jumper £10Jeans £12– This fun moose print oatmeal sweat top is the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. Featuring ribbed neck, cuffs and hem and a bold all-over moose print. Elasticated cuffs and neck opening for easy dressing

In the Night Garden Double-Sided Magnetic Play Set – £14 – A fun and engaging double-sided wooden play board with magnetic pieces for little ones to create their own In the Night Garden scenes.

Choc Affair – One Shot Drinking Chocolate – £6.50 – Each of these cute little tins holds just the right amount of chocolate flakes to create a mug of our luxurious drinking chocolate, a great idea if you just don’t know which one to choose. You could take them to the office for a one shot hit, or why not go camping with the sole idea being to take out your tin!

Dinky Dots Gift Pack £6.75 – Our ever so cute little tins, are just perfect to munch from, and the lid can go back on (willpower permitting!) to help you prolong the experience.  Then if you are feeling particularly creative, why not upcycle the tin to be used again at home long after the contents have been eaten!

Discovery Toys Digital Walkie Talkies – £27.99 –  Lightweight long-range walkie-talkies for outdoor explorations! Work up to a range of 3km. Features ringing call alert, night light and LED digital display. Product Features Lightweight Range of up to 3km Ringing call alert Nightlight LED Digital display Belt clip Note: Please contact us via Amazon messaging should you have any question and we will answer you as soon as we can.

Wise(ish) Words by The Book For Everyone – From £23.95

A personalised book of quotes. Some inspirational and some just really funny! A few designs to choose from and you can personalise any of the quotes inside, and can even add your own!

Kids Songs CD – £5.99 – a CD jam packed with original recordings fom Go Jetters, Tee &Mo!, Justin Fletcher, Mister Maker and Timmy Time. 3 Cd’s.



Peppa Pig Sing and Learn Microphone – £14.99 – Children can sing and learn with this fun and colourful microphone. They can join Peppa and sing along with her to 7 different songs, or choose to sing by themselves. The microphone features a quiz mode that teaches infants about colours, instruments, Peppa and her friends. This microphone makes learning fun as it helps early colour and letter recognition, builds communication skills and encourages concentration and attention.

Fizzy Dizzy Hippo Game by Tomy – £21.99 – Players take turns to grow the Hippo’s belly with a press of the fizzy drink that Hippo is enjoying. The winner is the player who makes the Hippo’s belly pop.

Greedy Granny Game by Tomy – £19.99

Granny loves biscuits! So much so that she’s fallen asleep with a whole tray of them on her lap – what a Greedy Granny! Your mission is to take a biscuit of each type from Granny’s tray as carefully and quietly as you can. One wrong move will wake her and send her teeth flying! Greedy Granny is a mischievous game from TOMY. Perfect for all the family, Greedy Granny is full of suspense and will have everyone on the edge of their seats. Will you risk it for a biscuit? Or will your move wake Granny?

Dancing Paddington – £34.99 – Dance along to the Calypso rhythm with dancing Paddington as the fun-loving bear swings his hips to the beat of the music! dancing Paddington wears a red removable hat and a brightly coloured calypso-style reversible shirt that is also reversible so that he can also Sport his traditional blue coat. The lovable 35cm bear also says five different phrases that include ‘Hello my name is Paddington’ and ‘Marmalade sandwiches are my favourite!’ suitable for 3 years and over.

Hape HAP-E0206 Rainy Day Fun Set – £17.99 – An entertaining and delightfully colourful bath set. Featuring a fun umbrella theme, drain water through the holes, catch the balls, and store when done!

Hape HAP-E3138 Instant waffles – £17.49 – Time to make some delicious waffles! And it”s easy with this waffle maker set that includes sliced strawberry toppings. Invite your child into the kitchen to make waffles while breakfast is being prepared.

Hopping Lily Bobtail – £29.99 – A fun-packed feature plush toy from the TV Peter rabbit toy collection! watch talking & hopping Peter rabbit Waggle his cute little ears and also hop up and down. The endearing 40cm character also says five different phrases including ‘let’s hop to it!’ and ‘all rabbits need a little help from their friends’. the fun-loving rabbit wears his characteristic blue tailored jacket and is suitable for children 18 months and over

Lego Brick Drawer – £19.99 – Let the kids tidy up their room with a smile – this is home storage made fun. LEGO storage provides an interesting angle on tidying up. You can actually stack the storage boxes, the same as regular LEGO bricks. 6 litre capacity. Available in classic LEGO colours

Illumi-Mate Night lights – £6+ – Colour changing LED light for bedside tables or for kids to take on holidays, camping or sleepovers. Batteries are included! Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months.


Silly Spaghetti – £14.95

Be the fastest player to wind your spaghetti onto your fork with this fun, fast fork spinning game! this fun-packed family game will see players intently twirling their forks in an attempt to be the first to claim their spaghetti! first the players must create the plate of spaghetti with the coloured spaghetti strings and plastic toppings such as tomatoes and mushrooms.

Once set up, the players sit in front of their coloured fork and prepare for battle. The first player rolls the dice and removes the topping shown and shouts ‘spaghetti!’, all the players then quickly turn their fork to wind up any loosened spaghetti. The aim of the game is to be the first to untangle the spaghetti so try to remove a topping that will help free your spaghetti string without loosening your opponent’s! this Fast-playing action game is perfect for 2-4 players, takes around 5 minutes to complete and is suitable for ages four years and over.

Highway Rat Floor Puzzle – £10.49 – Fans of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s Highway Rat will adore this colourful Giant Floor Puzzle. This 24 piece puzzle depicts a fun, colourful scene where the villainous Highway Rat, mounted on his trusty steed, tries to steal the squirrel’s wares. In the story, Highway Rat shouts “Give me your buns and your biscuits, give me your chocolate eclairs, for I am the rat of the highway, the highway, the highway, yes I am the rat of the highway and the Rat Thief never shares!”

The Highway Rat Giant Floor Puzzle makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, and is also a great way of keeping children entertained on rainy days and school holidays. The large pieces make it easy for little hands to hold and puzzle construction also encourages hand-eye coordination, concentration, problem solving and independent play in preschoolers. The Puzzle which measures 490 x 685mm when completed is presented in a colourful illustrated sturdy gift box with a plastic handle for easy transportation and storage.

PlayMags 60 piece set – £67.99 – Fun time : Playmags – 60 Piece Starter Set! Playmags 60-piece set includes Seven different shapes so that kids can now stretch their imagination to the next level. More shapes mean more designs, and more designs means more hours of fun play.

Educational Fun: Playmags provides great motor skills. Encourages imaginative and creative play, and enhances math, geometry, and science skills.

Creativity and critical thinking: high rise 3D towers are designed by kids who have developed into critical thinkers through creative play. As they build, kids develop tools for spatial problem-solving tasks, logical thinking, and math reasoning.

Better Learning: Playing with play mag not only give your child an opportunity for greater fun, along with that some basic fundamentals of different dimensions like physics, geometry, math, spatial reasoning and architecture, are being griped by the them. This is the reason that we claim that Playmags gives your child better opportunities for fun along with productive outcomes. Fun time : Playmags – 60 Piece Starter Set! Playmags 60-piece set includes Seven different shapes so that kids can now stretch their imagination to the next level. More shapes mean more designs, and more designs means more hours of fun play.

Rubiks Junior – Kitten Puzzle £15.99 – A new kind of challenge for the youngest Rubik’s fans! twist and turn the cat to create a wacky mixed -up character, then keep twisting until you “solve” the puzzle and turn it back into it’s original state.

BrainBox Marvin Magic – £14.99 – This BrainBox will provide hours of entertainment! The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. If the question is answered correctly, the card is kept, and the person with the most number of cards after 5 or 10 minutes is the winner. Box Contains: 55 Cards , 1 Rules Card, 1 Sand Timer, 1 Die

Sliter.Io – Various prices – Can you become the longest slither? If your head touches another player, you will explode and then it’s game over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode, and you can eat their remains! In slither.io, you have a chance to win even if you’re tiny. Slither.io is a smash hit game and now you can have your own Sliter.Io cuddly toy or collectable!

Spiderman Homecoming Web wheelie RC From Toy State- £59.99 – Pop a wheelie with Spider-Man as he controls the full function radio control driving action. The Spider-Man web wheelie radio control also features 360-degree spinning action, and rear wheels that light up when driving. It does need 3xAAA batteries

*We were sent these items for inclusion into the guide, Some links contain affiliate links*

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