Sleeping bags, kettles and Backpack tents

In a few weeks, we will be off on our first camping trip of the year. Excited is a massive understatement! Both Mark and I love getting away with the boys and exploring whichever part of the country we end up at. Last year was our first year camping and we took the boys to Wales, Scarborough, and Cambridge. They took to the camping life like ducks to water, they loved the freedom and had so much fun exploring! When Mark and I came home after the last trip of the year we noted down all the things we needed to buy ready for the next trip. A lot of the items we had were given to us by family and some of the items were old. So we had a look at SimplyHike for some new items.


Sleeping Bags

One of the items we needed to replace was our sleeping bags. We really skimped out last time and bought what we could afford at the time. Ideally, we should have waited and held out to buy not only a better quality bag but one which would be warmer. The Vango Atlas 350 is a great budget sleeping bag. As it is a 3 season bag it means it can withstand cooler temperatures better, which let’s face it for British camping it’s ideal.


When we first went camping we were gifted a whole pot and pan set and within that was a kettle. It was old, Mark remembers using it when he was younger and although in great condition it started to look really worn. The cap had also started to fall off and we really needed to get a new one. The Easy Camp kettle whistles!! If anything it will keep the boys amused everytime we make a cup of tea.

Backpacking tents

When browsing around for the items we needed, backpacking tents caught our eye. When Mark and I first met we went camping to Skegness and our tent was a backpack one. This was years ago though and although the tent we used is no longer made, the idea behind them remains the same. The tents are compact enough to carry on your back and sleeps between 1-4 people.This one most resembles the tent Mark and I first camped in.

*We were given the sleeping bag/kettle in exchange for the post

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