Cooking with CampinGaz Party Grill 600

One of the many happy memories both Mark and I have from our childhoods is when we went camping. Mark and his family used to visit Cornwall and Wales. Whereas we set up camp at sunny Ingoldmells. Both of us hold so many memories and we knew Camping was going to play a big part of our life. We have already visited some fantastic campsites and the boys love our trips away. We have been really fortunate to have been given a lot of equipment no longer used from family. One of which is our cooker! However we were sent CampinGaz Party Grill 600 to try and we couldn’t wait!

CampinGaz Party Grill 600

CampinGaz Party Grill 600

CampinGaz Party Grill 600 is a portable stove which has pretty much everything you need to do pretty much any type of cooking. Whether it is stove top, grill, plancha or Griddle everything is included. What’s more it all fits together in a carry case for ease of transportation. CampinGaz Party Grill 600 comes with Pan support, grilling grid, reversible cooking griddle plus a large lid which also houses a thermometer. It uses either a Butane or Propane cylinder alternatively you can use CampinGaz cylinders R904 or R907 as your fuel source. It is also equipped with a Piezo ignition to make lighting really quick and simple.

Setting up

As you can see from the photos everything is compact and fits inside a carry case. It was heavier than I first thought but once you open it all up you can see why. The quality of the materials used means it is going to be durable and last a long time. The legs come in 2 parts, so you need to attach them together before screwing into the base of the party grill. Once they are screwed on and you have attached the hose and regulator to the party grill and canister you are set to go. All in all you can have it set up in under 5 minutes! We decided to keep the hose and regulator attached to the CampinGaz Party Grill 600 so we wouldn’t lose it.

Cooking using the CampinGaz Party Grill 600

CampinGaz Party Grill 600

When using the lid on top it makes the party grill act pretty much like an oven! Meaning there is no more missing out on Sunday Roasts just because you are in the middle of a field. I must admit we kept things pretty low key and only really cooked the basics. That isn’t to say that you can’t don your chef hat and cook some pretty awesome dishes!

CampinGaz Party Grill 600

To get going you simply need to add some water to the base and then add your desired cooking plate. Once you have finished cooking it is really easy to clean too! Make sure you wait for it to cool down before you start to remove any of the cooking plates or touching the party grill itself. However simply tip it up to remove any remaining bits of water!

Our thoughts

The CampinGaz Party Grill 600 is a great piece of kit! The compactness makes it easy to transport and it offers versatility. Cooking via a BBQ or Gas hob is all great, but when you are planning a weekly camp trip, having the option available to use different methods is fab. The ease of use also makes it great for festivals and the size of the 600 makes it a fab home BBQ. We have loved using it so far and it has become a well loved piece of camping kit!

Camp Cooking with the CampinGaz Party Grill 600 is a breeze!

*We were sent the CampingGaz Party Grill 600 in exchange for our honest review


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