Creating a Garden picture #BostikBlogger

Creating a Garden picture #BostikBlogger


Each month we receive a box of goodies to help us create some activities to inspire you to get creative with your family. For me personally, I try and keep my crafts as basic as I can so they can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities. This month our topic is the Garden and creating a gardening craft. 

My walls are looking rather plain, So I wanted Arthur to create a piece of artwork I can display on my walls. With this in mind, this is this month’s craft activity.

Our Garden Artwork

What you will need;

          A Box Frame

          Flower stickers (or you can draw and create your own)

          Butterfly shapes

          Bostik White Glue

          A piece of card or paper which fits within the frame.

How to create

1-      We used sparkly flower shapes to cover the bottom of the piece of card to fit into the frame. Depending on the ability of the child they can draw their own. You can also use different materials such as crayons, felt tips or even material!           Garden #BostikBlogger 

2-      Using the Bostik White Glue, glue the butterfly shapes to the piece of card. Again depending on the ability of the child you can use alternative materials. We used fabric butterflies which required gluing. It gives a good overall 3D effect. Garden #BostikBlogger 

3-      Finally, open the back of the frame and place the card inside.  Garden #BostikBlogger

This is a really simple activity, which you can alter and change to suite abilities and ages. Hopefully you will enjoy making this and if you do, please let me know. I would love to see any photographs or hear any feedback!

Happy Crafting!

#BostikBlogger July Garden


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