Let’s create a Hot Air Balloon

This months #BostikBlogger theme was flight. A Hot Air Balloon seemed to be quite fitting. It is also really easy to make.

Hot Air Balloon

What you need

Hot Air Balloon

To make the Hot Air Balloon you will need;

1x balloon

Some coloured tissue/crepe paper

a container for the basket, I used a biodegradable plant pot.

PVA glue, you wll also need some water too.

4x Sticks

Step 1

Glue the sticks to the basket.

Step 2

Tear the pieces of tissue/crepe paper into small strips. To prepare the glue mix 2 parts glue to one part water, the consistency should be enough to make it slightly runny. If you don’t have any tissue/crepe paper then you can use newspaper and then paint when dried.

Using the paintbrush brush some of the glue onto the balloon and then put some of the strips on.

Once completed it should look like this –

You will want to pop it somewhere to dry and then continue to add layer after layer.

Step 3

The balloon should look like this (picture below)

Step 4

Pop the balloon and then cut a circle in the bottom. The opening needs to be wide enough to fit the sticks attached to the basket into it.

The Finish

In the end, your Hot Air Balloon will look like below! The basket can be decorated any way you like, either by painting or stickers.

Hot Air Balloon


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