Creature Crafts – Owl Mask and Dragon Hand Puppet

Being a #BostikBlogger means each month I am sent a box of craft bits and a theme. Using the box of craft bits I am to come up with something that fits the theme. This months Theme is creatures and in all honesty, I was a bit stumped! I did, however, manage to come up with these 2 different crafts! The Mask is very child friendly and can be done by even the younger toddlers. Whereas the Dragon Puppet would suit an older child better.

Quick, Easy creature crafts - Make an Owl Mask and Dragon Hand Puppet!

Creature Creations – Owl Mask

Owl Mask, Creature Crafts #BostikBlogger

The Owl mask really doesn’t use alot of materials. Either choose a printed card mask available in most craft shops or you can make your own! To decorate we chose to use paints and our fingers. As you can see using our fingers gave the paint some great texture! On the back of the mask use some Bostik Tape Discs to attach the stick.

Owl Mask, Creature Crafts #BostikBlogger

and then finally you will be left with a pretty awesome owl mask!

Owl Mask, Creature Crafts #BostikBlogger

Dragon Hand Puppet! 

Dragon Hand Puppet, Creature Crafts #BostikBlogger

For this you will need;Dragon Hand Puppet, Creature Crafts #BostikBlogger

A selection of colours either; paint, crayons, felt tips. The choice is yours,

Bostick Tape Disks

2x pieces of plain paper

scissors and a pencil

In order to get the puppet shape you need to fold 1 sheet of paper.

  1. Fold in thirds, lengthways.
  2. Fold in half
  3. Open the previous fold, and the fold the ends so they meet each other.
  4. You should be left with an “M” shape.

The photos explain it way better than I can describe it, so hopefully, that wasn’t too difficult.

Once folded, you need to add your designs. I went for a simple Chinese dragon look. I then remembered that I couldn’t draw/colour over the tape discs, that I previously used. So, for now, i have removed that instruction and added it to the end.

Next, use the 2nd sheet of paper and add the little details, such as eyebrows and the front teeth. The teeth will be bent in the mouth so you want to make them a little longer than what you want on show.

Little tip – if you fold your piece of paper in half and cut the design out, you will have 2 identical pieces.

To finish, attach the eyebrows and teeth using the Bostik Tape Discs. I found cutting the discs in half, and sticking both sides of the eyebrows made it easier and more stand outish.

Dragon Hand Puppet, Creature Crafts #BostikBlogger



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