#Blogtober16 – Day 25 – What superpower would you like to have?

Superpower? Which would you like?

If I had to choose one superpower then it would be the ability to fly I think. I would love to travel but the costs of tickets is restrictive. Aeroplanes are not all the environmentally friendly either so the ability to fly would be great. The places we could go and see. We could go to see everyone I need to without having to worry about traffic, road closures or diversions.

I wouldn’t need to be rich as the world would be my oyster, so to speak. I would have easy access to the word, opening so many opportunities. The boys could come too! That would be great. Picture me flying through the air with the boys sitting on my back, haha going on our holibobs.

If I asked the boys what they’re superpower would be I think they would choose to either fly or to have the ability to read minds. Jack is always trying to figure out what I am thinking and I think he would really love that power.

If you could choose one superpower what would it be?



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