#Blogtober16 -Day 30 – A letter to someone

I just got a letter, I just got a letter, I just got a letter I wonder who it’s from!


My letter;

You boys are great friends to each other. You make a great tag team! When one of you asks me to make a drink, the other waits until I have made it and just sat down before you ask for one. If I am not making drinks I am getting you food. Grapes, Strawberries, melon, toast, cake and chocolate tends to be your favourites. If I am not getting you food then I am trying to occupy you. Our house resembles a small franchise of Toys R Us, you have so many toys its unreal. When we moved house I made a vow to myself that we would have no toys in the living room. I know I should learn by now that what I want will never happen.

This year marks some pretty important events. The main one being is that I am down to 1 child being at home. I am moving closer to having no children at home during the day. That of course means that at some point I will have to look for work. I just have to choose what it is I want to do.

Jack you turned 7 this year and have grown into lovely, polite young boy. I just wish that sometimes you would use your imagination and play with toys. You are 7! not 15. I want you to play with toys, play with your cars but you don’t. Tablet, Xbox and my phone is all that your interested in.

Oliver, you turned 5 and I love that you enjoy playing with your figures. Your imagination is great and you would spend ages just laying on the floor, Spider-Man would be playing in your garage whilst the green goblin walks through happy land valley! You are turning more and more like Jack though and becoming tech dependant.

Arthur you are turning 3 in a couple of weeks. Other than the odd ask to watch Bing Bunny on my phone all you want to do is play. I love how when you have Bing bunny in your hand and flop in the other you talk all American like. Where has that even come from? I just hope you continue to be you for as long as possible.

Continue being you!

Letter to the boys


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  1. 31st October 2016 / 2:47 pm

    Aww! This is lovely. It really made me smile…
    hahaha! I have said that there will be no toys stored in the living room. It never works out. lol

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