#Blogtober16 – Day 29 – 3 Confessions from a mother

3 Confessions from a mum


Confessions can be good for the soul. Here are mine! However much I try to do best by the boys I am still learning and sometimes I loose my shit. We are not all perfect. In fact a lot of us are really good at hiding our imperfections, I think we should no longer hide them but share them.

I am a shouty mum. There I said it. Sometimes the boys really are quite testing I get angry with them quickly. I sometimes forget they are just kids and I expect a lot more of them. They just know which buttons to press and when I shout I feel bad. But I can’t help it.

Sometimes I love nothing more than to just stay at home. I love going out with family and friends but I love staying here too. Duvet days happen at least once a week.

Chocolate or Fruit? Fruit wins hands down every time! okay so it’s not really a confession but I love fruit. The boys also love fruit too! Given half a chance they would opt for grapes and strawberries over chocolate.


What are your confessions?



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  1. 29th Oct 2016 / 10:44 pm

    I am shouty too! I try not to be but I am. My girls take no notice off me which is a bad thing but a good thing as it means they don’t take my shouting to heart.
    Duvet days are awesome. I need to have at least one a week to function. hehehe x

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