#blogtober16 – Day 18 – Zodiac signs and does it fit?

My Zodiac sign

As my birthday is June 1st, my zodiac sign is “Gemini” which is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac. I don’t really know much about my sign so I have had to do a bit of research to see if fits me.
Apparently gemini’s love to talk. I have always been a chatter box and as I have grown up that hasn’t changed. Gemini-born people are also intellectually inclined which means we are forever in search of information. The more the better.
Gemini’s are mix of yin and yang, which for me is true. I can be the nicest person you can ever meet, but I can also be the nastiest. Gemini’s can see both sides of the story which is a practical trait to have, especially for me in a large family.
Gemini’s can change their mood on a simple whim, for me this describes me to a tee. I can have really bad mood swings as much as Mark loves me he hates my moods.
Gemini’s are ruled by Mecury which means we can be quick thinking, quick witted and we can be fast on our feet. We are curious aswell as clever.
Gemini’s element is Air. Air signs are the thinking peoples sign’s and gemini’s don’t disappoint. being born under this sign
This pretty much describes who I am. I always see both sides of an argument. I do try and think of all options before making a choice too.
What’s your sign and does it describe you?


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