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Today is World Post Day and for our family it is a day that should mean something to us. Mark is a postman and has been for over 10years. As with all jobs it has it’s ups and downs, but for him, once he has his bags and is out of the office, that’s when he loves it!

World Post Day

World Post Day

World Post Day is celebrated every year on October 9th. It originally started in 1969 and it is held to mark the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union. A union which was established to maintain a postal system for the free flow of mail around the world. I’ll be honest up until writing this post for Blogtober, World Post Day was unknown to me and Mark. The Universal Postal Union has never been mentioned and it isn’t a day celebrated. Well, not in England and if it is, it isn’t well publicised.

Just because it isn’t something we celebrate doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge it. I received a parcel the other week from China, I had ordered a backdrop for a couple of photos I needed to take. Up until this point I had been using scrap pieces of wallpaper and although working well I wanted something a little more robust. Anyways this parcel arrived within a couple of weeks of my order, and the postage was free!

My parcel once entering England went into the hands of Royal Mail. It was most likely picked up at either a port or airport and then taken to a national sorting centre. From there it would be sorted via postcode and transported to a mailing centre near me. Once it arrives it is sorted again, and then transported to a smaller delivery office and then passed on to be sorted for my street. Then of course it is hand delivered by my postman.

Thanks to the free flow of post my parcel arrived quickly and safely. I couldn’t imagine not receiving post from overseas. So thank you not only to the Universal Postal Union but to Royal Mail and my postie!

Happy World Post Day



  1. 9th October 2018 / 7:49 pm

    It is amazing how the postal service works.

  2. 13th October 2018 / 9:23 pm

    Totally understand where you are coming from, free postage from China is a really amazing thing when you come to think about how far that item has travelled and how quickly it arrives too.And stuff from China is always so cheap too #Blogtober18

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