Let’s encourage reading- #LibrariesWeek

As part of our Blogtober posts todays theme is all about #LibrariesWeek so I thought I would share some tips on encouraging reading with your children.

Arthur came home from school a couple of weeks ago with his first reading diary. He was so excited to start filling it in that he didn’t want to wait until he was issued with a colour band book to start. I didn’t want to put a stop to his excitement so we grabbed a book of the shelf and sat together to read. He loves the time we spend reading but he was so excited for that first entry in his reading diary.

encouraging reading

For me reading is part of our daily routines. It was during a recent curriculum evening where this video was shared. It got me thinking that not everybody feels they have the time! But 10 minutes a day, or even 5 minutes a day can do wonders!

Ways to encourage reading

  • Visit your local library! Not only is it free to visit but you can grab a book, sit in a really comfy chair and just spend time together.
  • Have books available in the main living areas. In a basket, or on a shelf.
  • Reading doesn’t necessarily have to be you reading to your child. Audio books are great too!
  • There are so many book varieties to choose from! Grab a magazine and spice it up a little!
  • Children love to copy what they see! Take 5 minutes to read your own book, and be a positive role model.





  1. 9th October 2018 / 11:14 am

    My girls love to read when they are not forced to.
    It sounds like your boy is loving books! x

  2. 10th October 2018 / 12:15 pm

    I find that my daughters both like to read but if it is forced upon them they tend to not do it. I wanted them to enjoy reading as much as I do so never forced them into reading anything they didn’t want to and luckily it has paid off they are both avid book worms #Blogtober18

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