Day 5 – Celebrating #WorldTeachersDay

Day 5 of Blogtober is all about #WorldTeachersDay and celebrating them all! So I would like to start my post by apologising to all the teachers who had the unfortunate task of teaching me from Year 9 onwards. When I reach 13/14 I very quickly realised school wasn’t for me and I really didn’t want to be there. My mum had been at wits end, she would often get a phone call saying I wasn’t in and I even costed her a promotion. I wasn’t an easy teenager and looking back It wasn’t the best years of my life. However there were 2 teachers that I loved and although I didn’t show appreciation back then, I do now.

My 2 favourite teachers for #WorldTeachersDay

One of them Mr Davis was my History teacher. I bloody loved him! History was one of my favourite subjects and I think it was because of him and bringing it to life! I remember the topic Medicine through the ages and I was enthralled with his lessons. Despite me playing truant I attended every single one of his classes. Even if it meant coming in and leaving afterwards. Another teacher I had a lot of respect for was my form tutor. Miss Johnson. She had her work cut with me and looking back I felt sorry for her. She didn’t stop believing in me though and after a very stark conversation in Year 10 I walked out of school with 1 A, 1C and 8D’s. Not fantastic but without that conversation with her it would have been a lot worse.


My Boys teachers

The school my children attend is fantastic school! I couldn’t ask for one better for them. The teachers have all been great and if any of them are reading this (We really do appreciate each and every one of you!). They have really tough jobs and more often than not they don’t get the credit deserved. The Government have given them all pay freezes, introduced a whole new curriculums (in recent years) and thrown pretty much budget cuts at every given opportunity. But you know what? the teachers at my son’s school have smiles on their faces every morning. They offer opportunities to enrich their learning and they go above and beyond. It isn’t just the teachers though, it is all the teaching assistants, Nursery Nurse’s, volunteers even dinner ladies and office and catering staff. Every single one of them important! Every single one of them bloody amazing!

So, from us all, Thank you! Thank you for choosing to teach and thank you for being you!


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