Throwing a Birthday Party? Check out my Top Tips!

Planning a birthday party

When Jack turned 6 he was really into lego (well, he still is) so we threw him a birthday party. I spent weeks before his birthday trawling through Pinterest looking for inspiration and I found loads! There was just so much to think about from decorations such as Personalised Banners, and tableware to games! I wanted to make a big effort too as it was Jack’s first official party with his school friends.

I thought I would put together my top tips to throwing a party:

  • Throw the party after lunch but before dinner. This helps to cut catering costs as guests won’t be expecting a full meal.
  • Plan in advance – Have an idea on what you want to do at your party, take advantage of seasonal sales.
  • Joint Party! – If you are close to someone who also has a birthday coming up consider a joint party? Helps to half the costs of a party!
  • Make your own themed entertainment! – If your party is a theme (like ours was lego) make your own themed entertainment to help cut costs and reduce the need for paid entertainment. Pinterest has loads of ideas to cover a variety of different themes.
  • Venue – How many children do you want to invite? Will the venue you want to use be able to hold that many children?

Making your own Party Favours


Making your own crayons is really easy, all you need is a pack wax crayons and a silicone mould and that’s it! Break up the wax crayons and pop them into the mould (see the photo below) and then I put them in the over at 160degrees and just kept an eye on them. It took about 8 minutes in total for the crayons to melt. Then pop in the fridge or leave on the side to cool.


There are 100’s of templates all over the internet covering different programmes/films/shows. Find some that you like and cut them out, taping a straw on the back will make a really simple easy mask. At the party, it is also great entertainment too!


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