Technology and children – A Welcome device or a curse?

I will literally be the first to admit my boys spend more time on electronic devices than I would like. It is the cause of so many arguments and the bane of my life! I love how useful they can be and how it can keep the boys occupied on what could be “the most boring journeys ever” (in Jack’s words). But when your day starts with “can i go on my tablet?” and continues every 10 minutes it gets to the point I just want to scream. It is my fault and I must take responsibility i mean they wouldn’t know what a tablet is if it wasn’t for me? would they?

When the boys play on their tablets you can see the instant change, bye goes the calm and rational and hello to crazy! it is almost like they have become possessed. Or is that just my children? It is now 3 times as bad in my house now all 3 have tablets.  Even that doesn’t help with the arguing or the stress. The time the boys are allowed on their tablets is restricted but even that doesn’t help. Sometimes I think the games make it worse especially the ones were once you die you have a time limit until you get more health. Arthur doesn’t understand why he has to wait and it really upsets him.

The problem isn’t just in the comfort of our home it is literally everywhere! Pretty much every child I know owns some form of electronic device be it a laptop, tablet or phone and they are getting  younger and younger. How old is an acceptable age to own technology? 2/3/4/ or maybe later 8/9/10?


It is literally everywhere!

Even shops are ruled by technology. Tesco near us have introduced the shop and scan. A handy little handheld device you use to scan your shopping as you shop. Meant to make life that little bit easier! unless you have more than 1 child and they argue about taking it in turns to scan the shopping. A simple trip that should take 10 minutes now takes triple the amount of time as you play referee. For the smarty pants out there I do now go shopping whenever I can on my own and the shop and scan? Blinking life saver! I can be in and out in less than hour doing a weeks shop. No queuing an because you pack your shopping whilst you shop, there is no packing bags at the end.

Schools have introduced tablets and notebooks into their lesson plans. The older years have kindles to take home for their reading. Even Arthur’s playschool has tablets out every now and again. Jack’s handwriting isn’t great and we have spent years encouraging him and working on his letter formations. He would (and still does) get upset when it comes to having to write. The odd word is okay, but when his homework is to write an opening of a story or a poem he cries out of sheer frustration. I would like to add his teacher has been great with coming up with ideas to encourage his writing he can be a pain when it comes to writing.

We booked a meeting to see his teacher after spending 2 hours trying to encourage him to write a paragraph and she said “let him type it up” I am not entirely convinced typing will help.

I am not the only one feeling like this though other mums do too!

Louise from A Strong coffee says Hate it. I think there are far too many electronic toys and tablets for really small children that don’t help them be imaginative at all. As they get older you can’t seem to escape it. My boys would play on the ipad all day long if I let them. If they have friends over for tea it is expected that they will be allowed to play computer games. Whilst technology is often a great thing, I don’t think it helps with expanding the minds of little ones

Rachel from A Coffee, Cakes, Kids Says I definitely limit screen time but I think being able to use tablets and computers (not necessarily game consoles – I refuse to have any of them until eldest is 10) is important. Everything is based around technology now, and whilst it will (hopefully) never completely replace the need to physically write and read, it is becoming as important. I’ve recently converted to reading online books rather than physical books –

Rachel continues – I fought against it for years but finally gave in – and if my kids wanted a book to read on their tablets I would be fine with that. I also think that there are some apps and YouTube videos with some good educational content. We recently moved to Wales and me and the kids are all learning Welsh together with the help of YouTube and Apps. But, like most things, it does need to be monitored and supervised

I am not totally against technology, It certainly has a place in the world.

Jen from Just Average Jen explainedMy son has special needs and can be very attention seeking his ipad helps when we are out as it keeps him occupied and I can talk to other humans! Also his social skills are limited so being able to chat to his school friends on xbox live because they live too far away to see (special school so all bussed in from distances) is great for him to still have time with friends after school. He’s not allowed to talk to strangers so all is safe

To be honest I didn’t think of the benefits technology. Mobile phones, computers and games consoles can have a positive impact especially children with special needs and even those with low self-esteem can find something positive in tech.


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